4 Gym Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

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It seems that more people are working out in gyms than ever today, as they’re always crowded during peak periods. While this in encouraging for the longevity of your fitness center, the crowds can present problems if people don’t how to exercise the proper etiquette in these facilities. If you’re just started working out or are just getting back to the gym, here are some common rules of etiquette you should follow.

Be Courteous to Members
If you walk into the gym and see evidence that someone may be using a bench or machine, ask that person if she’s done before using it. The same holds true for dumbbells, barbells or other pieces of equipment. People may leave one of the items on the floor to get a drink of water or wipe themselves off with a paper towel. Similarly, if someone asks you for a spot, volunteer to help her. You may need a similar favor some day. And if people see you as approachable and friendly, they’ll be more apt to help you.

Put Your Equipment Away
You may have had a great bench press session at the gym, hitting 405 pounds for one rep. People were even cheering you on as you struggled under the immense weight on the bar. But why is it that those same people are now glaring at you as you move onto to the incline press? Oh, yeah, you forget to take the eight plates off the bar. You have to realize that just because you’re strong enough to throw all those plates on the bar doesn’t mean someone else is, according to ABC News. In fact, gym owners have erected a number of signs over the years about putting weights away, including “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here. Pick Up Your Weights.”

Clean Equipment When You’re Done
Most gyms have spray cleaners and paper towel dispensers throughout the gym. The reason they’re there is that the gym owner expects you to use them. Germs can thrive in the warm, humid confines of a gym. In fact, the failure to wipe down benches or machines after an exercise session can spread bacteria, viruses and funguses to other gym members, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. You can also spread highly infectious skin diseases as well, including ring worm, impetigo and plantar warts.

Don’t Use Heavy Perfumes or Strong Body Sprays
Most gyms have at least some areas where people are packed in like sardines. This can include the free weight room or cardio room with the exercise bikes. While it’s nice to smell good, you don’t have to pile on the perfume to do so. Perfume and body sprays contain chemicals and fragrances that can bother members who have allergies or asthma.

The gym should be a place where people come to relieve their frustrations from work or everyday life. If you adhere to just these basic etiquette rules, you’ll make the experience more enjoyable for them. And perhaps other members will reduce the number of things that annoy you, too.

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