4 Important Reasons to Convert a Vehicle to Wheelchair Accessible

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You can avoid several problems by using wheelchair-accessible features to convert a vehicle for a family member. There will be fewer problems from time delays and from unsafe situations. Your family member can use less physical effort by simply rolling the wheelchair into a vehicle instead of moving himself or herself from the wheelchair onto a seat in an SUV. You can use four important reasons to help you to make a decision about adding wheelchair-accessible features to a vehicle:

1.) Convenience
2.) Less Physical Effort
3.) Shorter Time Factor for Safety
4.) More Opportunities for Travel


A wheelchair-accessible vehicle can be used to simplify your tasks for helping a relative who has a medical appointment or who wants to go to a grocery store. You can use less time to prepare for a trip. Your relative will experience a feeling of independence but could encounter other problems if there is not a ramp for wheelchairs on the nearby sidewalks and parking lots and also near the entrances for stores and professional buidings.

Time Factor for Safety

There is a shorter time factor for a person who can simply roll a wheelchair into an SUV instead of being required to move from a wheelchair onto a seat in an SUV. With a longer time factor, there could be more problems from dangers in an unsafe situation, such as on a parking lot during the evening hours. The emphasis on safety can be used to help you to control problems from emotional stress.

Less Physical Effort for Trips

You can avoid some problems from physical exertion, such as for a person who cannot easily move from a wheelchair onto a seat in a vehicle. There are also problems for persons who cannot easily fold and then lift a wheelchair into a vehicle. With less physical effort for trips, you could experience fewer problems from fatigue.

More Opportunities for Travel

The physical barriers for wheelchairs are problems that can cause a person to have fewer opportunities for travel. If you simplify the tasks for trips, you could become more motivated to travel, such as on a cruise. Your relative who uses a wheelchair could conveniently roll out of the vehicle and then easily into a public park. With fewer problems for trips, you could become more relaxed while you are visiting a national landmark in a large city.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

The convenience of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can help you to avoid schedule conflicts, such as when you are forced to rush between several appointments during an afternoon. You can control the physical effort and time factor for trips. With customized features, persons who use wheelchairs can have simpler options for transportation.

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