4 Prom Dress Trends for Spring 2019

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As spring dawns and teenagers gear up for that inevitable rite of passage—the prom—several prom trends are already setting the dance floor ablaze. Here are four of the most fun and fascinating trends that have already been popping up this year.

Ball Gowns with Pockets 
If there’s anything we know about the teen generation that’s making its way to prom this year, it’s that they like to throw in a little surprise here and there. There’s nothing more elegant than a ball gown—and there’s nothing quite so cute and surprising as a little twist thrown in for good measure. This is a look that’s even been seen on the red carpet recently, so expect to see promgoers enjoying it as well.

Wearing Mom’s Prom Dress 
In an age where everyone is so self-conscious about putting their best foot forward, sometimes you need to source your inspiration from the woman who knows best—Mom. Recently, a lot of prom-related social media posts have included modern pictures and those from a couple of decades ago. That’s because some girls have been raiding Mom’s closet when it’s time for prom. Not only is this a budget-friendly trend, but it’s great for the environment as well.

Sparkles, Sequins and Everything Glittery 
Teens these days know that everything they wear to the prom is going to be immortalized on social media, and many want to stand out. There’s no better way to find the camera’s attention than to dress in something sensationally sparkly. Also, sequins possess a certain black tie kind of vibe that can be difficult to find when it comes to formal gowns. Amid a sea of black gowns, anyone opting for sparkles is bound to score major style points. However, it’s important to note that gowns weighted down with beads and other embellishments might make the garment weigh a bit more than a normal gown!

Buying Dresses Locally 
This year’s crop of teens has learned from their older siblings that online isn’t always better when it comes to buying prom dresses. The convenience of buying a t-shirt online, for instance, is great. However, with prom dresses, it can be very difficult to know if the dress you receive in the mail will match the picture. And when time is of the utmost importance—and with some sites not offering great return policies on formalwear—sometimes it’s a better bet to go to a local store and see exactly how something will look off the rack—and on your body. With so many stores stocking gorgeous dresses in an array of sizes, there will be something for everyone.

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