4 Ways to Find a Trusted Mechanic

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Choosing a trusted mechanic is the first step in any successful automotive repair. With access to how-to videos and articles online, it seems these days most everyone thinks they’re a mechanic. But, those articles and videos simply cannot replace the expertise of a well-trained mechanic. When you need car repair, how can you be sure to find a trusted mechanic to service the vehicle?

Don’t Wait for a Breakdown

When your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road is not the time to find a mechanic. Know well ahead of any such mishap who you can trust to make repairs. Research mechanics now to avoid mishap later. Word-of-mouth information from friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors is always helpful. Online reviews posted by prior and current customers also provides useful information about the mechanic not available elsewhere.

Certifications & Memberships

Any mechanic selected to repair your vehicle should carry a license and insurance. Without these two pieces, you’re vulnerable to a lawsuit and/or shoddy work. While its essential to hire a licensed, insured, experienced mechanic, don’t forget to search for a professional who holds special certifications and memberships for added assurance they’ll make your repairs the right way. A key certification to look for in your mechanic comes from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence but is one of many that proves the mechanic has what it takes to repair most any issues affecting your vehicle.

Get Estimates

Free estimates reveal the total costs for the vehicle service and repairs that you need. Request estimates from three or four companies, compare rates and use the price along with other essential information (experience, license, and certification, professionalism, etc.) to find a mechanic who will take care of your needs. There is no obligation to hire the company in exchange for the estimate.

Ask Questions

Asking questions gets the answers that you need. It is imperative to have answers before you trust someone to repair your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle in the wrong hands could be one of the biggest mistakes that you ever make. Create a list of questions to ask the mechanic before you hire them and after the estimate process. Information such as a warranty or guarantee accompanying the repair, the length of time the repair will take, etc. is important to have before leaving the vehicle at a repair shop and certainly helps narrow down the choices.

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