5 Advantages of Having a Prepaid Phone

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The cell phone has become an important part of modern society since its introduction. It is quite a challenge to find someone who does not own even the most basic form of a portable phone. These phones are provided a wide variety of plans with a diverse set of benefits and price ranges. However, one should consider the benefits of owning a prepaid phone before evaluating contract plans.

1. Contract-Free 

Contracts provided by phone companies are well known for being costly to break. If your needs change or you are provided with more affordable options and have already been inducted into another cell phone provider’s contract, then the contract’s obligations must be fulfilled in order to avoid a hefty termination fee. With prepaid phones, you have a no-strings-attached relationship to the provider and may cancel service at any time at no cost to you.

2. Saves Money 

Prepaid phones are often cheaper than phones acquired through a contract. Instead of paying monthly for lucrative features which may or may not end up being utilized, you instead have the option to only pay for the minutes you will use. A large variety of prepaid phone plans exist that cater to the budgets of different people, so there is an endless amount of choices when it comes to finding a plan that fits your needs.

3. Parent-Friendly 

Prepaid phones allow parents to have a comfortable amount of control over their children’s phone activity. Unlike contract plans which offer unlimited talk and text, prepaid phones allow for parents to allow their kids to only have as many minutes as they have purchased. This also serves as a way to teach your child budgeting and accountability at an early age.

4. No Credit Checks 

Those who have a less than a satisfactory credit score or are just beginning to build credit do not need to fret over having a cell phone plan when it comes to prepaid phones. In contrast to contract plans, prepaid phone plans do not run a credit check on their customers.

5. No Surprise Charges

Contract plans are notorious for their hidden fees. It is hard to brace yourself for these extra charges considering how much they vary based on government mandates, state taxes, and other charges such as administrative and regulatory fees. Prepaid phones allow you to bypass most of these fees.

Cell phones are integral to everyday life. They allow for contact to authorities and loved ones with just a few taps. However, just because having a form of communication in your back pocket is convenient does not mean that it has to break the bank.

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