5 Benefits of Using a Professional Moving Service Instead of Friends

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Moving can be expensive, and to save money, you may be tempted to try to do it yourself with the help of friends. However, there are some distinct benefits to using a professional moving service that help justify the cost. Here are five benefits of using a professional moving service instead of your friends.

Professional movers know what they are doing
Though your friends will be well-meaning, they probably don’t have any experience with moving, and most people don’t realize there is so much more to moving than just carrying boxes into your home. Professional movers will be able to pack the truck better so that you get the most efficiency, and they also will know the best ways to get large, heavy objects into your home, such as furniture.

A moving company can pack for you
Most professional moving companies offer packing services, meaning they will pack most or all of your belongings for you. Not only will this save you time and energy, but you also will get your things packed efficiently and safely. Allowing the moving company to pack for you can mean fewer boxes and fewer issues with things getting lost and broken.

Movers are reliable
Not that your friends would bale on you, but if they get sick or injured, they may not be able to help you with your move when the day comes. That’s not an issue if you hire a professional moving company, because it will provide the number of movers that it guaranteed you signed the contract.

Moving companies may be able to provide storage
Many moving companies either operate their own storage business or they have a partnership with one, so you have a built-in option when you hire them. That can come in handy if you find an item won’t fit in your new home or you miscalculated and the amount of stuff you had in storage at your own place won’t fit in the storage space you have in your new place.

Movers are insured
Probably the most important benefit of using a professional moving company instead of your friends is that a professional mover is insured. If the truck gets into an accident and your stuff is damaged, or if a mover drops your really expensive vase, the mover will have insurance to cover it. If you are using your friends, any damage that happens to your stuff is going to be your responsibility financially.

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