5 Gift Ideas for Your Bachelor Party

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It’s time for the fabled bachelor party- a time to let loose and have some fun before the big night. While not everyone does it, bringing a gift to the bachelor party for the groom is a thoughtful idea. If you are unsure of what to bring, consider the following five gift ideas. No matter what you decide, the groom will be appreciative of the gesture.


If the groom is a drinker, then alcohol will always be a welcome gift. Find out what they like to drink the most (if you don’t already know) and purchase a bottle or two of it. If they are a beer drinker, a six-pack of their favorite suds or even a case will be a thoughtful gift. Remember, always drink responsibly and never drive intoxicated.

Photo Album 

There will be a ton of pictures taken that the groom will want to have printed from now until after the wedding. He’ll have pictures of the bachelor party, candid shots from the wedding itself, and then honeymoon pictures afterward that will all need a place to call home. Purchase a large, fancy photo album for hard copies that must be immortalized for years to come.

Spa Day or Barber Card 

Sure, brides love to be pampered, but what about the groom? A wedding can be just as stressful on the man as it is on the woman, so why not give the gift of a spa day! A relaxing day before or after the big day may just be what the groom needs to wind down. If you don’t think they would be into a day at the spa, consider a gift card to their favorite barber or hair stylist instead. They can always use it on the morning of their wedding to look their best.

Personalized Friendship Album 

If you are at the bachelor party, then you are obviously close to the groom. Put together a friendship album that has meaning to your friend or loved one. It could consist of a scrapbook of ticket stubs from various sports games and events you attended together, or maybe you could put together a wonderful photo album of all your best photographs together. Whatever you decide, a personalized album will be appreciated for many years to come.

Gift Cards to Restaurants or Pubs 

gift card for a meal at a favorite restaurant is a wonderful bachelor party gift. Or, consider a gift card for the local bar or theater show. Giving the gift of a night out is a wonderful idea, and the groom will certainly appreciate the thought.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. No matter what type of gift you choose, the groom will appreciate that you took the time to think of something for them. Above all, have fun and be careful at the party!

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