5 Ideas for Decoration for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

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When you’re looking to create the wedding of your dreams, you’ll quickly realize that weddings can be extremely expensive. As a result, it makes sense to start looking for ways to keep the budget feasible. After all, it’s only one day. Consider these five ideas for creating an incredibly beautiful wedding that’s still budget-friendly.

1. Christmas Lights 
Christmas lights are extremely whimsical and delightful. If you’re getting married in a church, you can line the middle aisle with strings of Christmas lights. With lights on the ground and a few of the overhead lights on, you can create a romantic, dimly-lit ambiance. Light the stage with a string of Christmas lights. You can also add a few unscented candles to the mix. Light really large ones that you can easily find at a local dollar store.

2. Faux Flowers 
As soon as florists find out that you’re getting married, the cost of flowers skyrockets. Instead, save yourself the headache by purchasing or renting faux flowers. If you choose to purchase the faux flowers, you can always resell them on wedding reselling websites. Then, you’ll make a profit. Use the faux flowers for everything from decorating the chuppah to the seats of the middle aisles.

3. DIY Centerpieces 
Make your own centerpieces with inexpensive items like candles, honeycomb balls and glassware. You can easily purchase simple glass vases for the centerpieces. If you add floating candles and glitter to each vase of water, this can be a simple fix. If you want to try a different option, consider finding picture frames. Put pictures of you and your spouse in the frame. Dip the frame in glitter or paint the frames a specific color that matches the decor.

4. Large Balloons 
Balloons are easily an inexpensive option that can fill a room. The mylar letter balloons are especially popular right now. If you choose to spell your new last name or a word like ‘togetherness’ or ‘love’, the letter balloons can serve as their own display. You can also choose Geronimo balloons or smaller options filled with confetti. Blow them up with helium. Place a bunch of balloons on each table for the reception.

5. Thrifted Tablecloths 
Head over to your local thrift stores on days that they have discounts. You can look to see if you find any whimsical patterns you really like. You can create an antique, vintage vibe with your reception. Once you find the perfect tablecloths, make sure to get them professionally cleaned. If there are any stains, make sure to bleach them so all of the tablecloths are the same color. You can even dip-dye them so they’re an interesting hue as well.

As you try these different options, you can easily create a stunning wedding. When it’s executed well, your guests won’t ever know that you spent next to nothing on the decor.

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