5 Marketing Ideas to Try With 3D Products

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3D printing and 3D products are becoming one of the most exciting new trends in the world of business and marketing. Now, you can use these new and eye-catching products to capture more attention and sales for your business. Here are 5 ways you can use 3-D products to boost your brands and your sales.

1). Offer scale models to prospective clients
If you are selling a large product, the impact of the product may not be perfectly expressed in print or video. Being able to show a 3D representation of the product can better demonstrate the features and the benefits of the product. The 3D product can also be an effective visual tool that can help your sales team close on your leads.

2). Give a scale model of the product to new clients
The best way to get more business is to sell to your existing customers. Therefore, it is a smart idea to give some “value-added” gifts to your new clients. A great way to surprise your clients is to present them with a 3D scale version of a product that they have just purchased. For instance, if your client has purchased a tractor from your company, you can give your client a 3-D scale rendering of the tractor that the client can place in their office.

3). Use the Product as a Demonstrator
A great way to help your sales team close on a lead is to have a 3-D product that they can use as a demonstrator. 3-D products are more effective than pictures and videos in showing off the features and the benefits of a product. The salesperson can also leave the 3-D product with the lead after the close of the sale.

4). Include the 3-D model in PR kits
If you want to launch your product with a bang, put a 3-D product in your press kit to impress the media. Most media kits simply offer pictures and video. By adding a 3-D product, you can be sure that your product will stand out and receive more free media exposure.

5). Give the 3D products to Influencers
Another way to drum up some exposure for your company is to provide 3-D products to major influencers in your market. In the hands of the right influencer, your product can become an overnight hit.

3D models can have more impact than a simple image and even video. Experiment with one or more of the listed approaches to see what works best. With 3D products, you can have an innovative edge on your competition.

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