5 Reasons Why You Need to Stretch

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Research has proven that taking time to stretch one or more times each day will lead to a better quality of life. In our technology induced world, it’s easy to forget how important stretching your muscles is for leading a productive lifestyle. Whether you are an active athlete, or if you’re simply a quiet businessperson, taking time to give your body what it deserves will boost your performance.

#5 Reason to Stretch: Better Circulation

Stretching your muscles in the gym before or after a workout is proven to increase your body’s ability to provide your muscles with fresh nutrients. This increased blood flow, or hemodynamics, replenishes your muscles when they need rejuvination.

#4 Reason to Stretch: Run Faster, Jump Higher

Athletes that stretch on a regular basis show up to the gym and perform better than other athletes. Stretching your muscles is a great practice if you are going to the gym every day or only once each week. Your body will perform better if you give your muscles time to unwind.

#3 Reason to Stretch: Decrease in Cramps and Muscle Fatigue

Stretching requires discipline. But it’s not only for guys and girls who run on treadmills; other people who stretch regularly include ballerinas, football players, and golf pros. If you’re having trouble with muscle cramping, or if you find your muscles becoming sore without taking on much strain, stretching could be the solution for which you’ve been searching.

#2 Reason to Stretch: Better Posture

Yoga is the meditative art of stretching. People who practice yoga are more prone to poise and sophistication of posture than those people who let their muscles grow stiff and rigid. Of course there are plenty of other forms of stretching, but yoga is one of the easiest and widely accessible ways to get your muscles moving.

#1 Reason to Stretch: Better Flexibility

Along with yoga and other stretching routines comes the aspect of better flexibility. Not only do those who are disciplined at stretching achieve better posture, but people who stretch tend to experience better flexibility. This means that you’ll have an easier time reaching things, which is a problem for many people in the service industry. If you’re in a job where you need to use your body (i.e. mechanic, painter, musician), stretching could help you find a better way to do you work.

Find Time to Commit to Stretching

No matter what you do for a living, stretching could help solve some of life’s problems. You’ll never know until you give it a try. Commit to stretching six times each week to see the best benefits from your routine.

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