5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Your CDL Test

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If you are considering getting your CDL in the near future, you may want to know that it is not as easy as getting your regular driver’s license. There are other things to know that will make you a good CDL driver. Below are 5 things you will need to know before deciding to get your CDLs.


  1. You will first have to get your CLP. The commercial leaners permit is the written part of your CDL test. It allows you to drive a big rig, bus or any other commercial vehicle as long as you have a licensed CDL driver with you. It will be valid for 180 but you cannot test for your CDL unless you have had your learners permit for at least 14 days.
  2. There are different levels of a CDL. Class A is for a combination of vehicles weighing 26,001 pounds or more. Class B is a single vehicle weighing more than 26,001 and Class C which is passenger vehicles that can carry up to 17 people including the driver. Class A can also carry hazardous materials under 49 U.S.C. 5103.
  3. You must be 18 years or older, have a clean driving record, pass a vision test, have no felonies on your record and pass a physical exam every 2 years. To drive a commercial vehicle you need more experience than driving a car. It also takes more physical ability and knowledge to drive a commercial vehicle.
  4. One of most asked questions are how many times can I take the test if I fail the first time? You can take it again in 3 days. If you fail again you have to wait 90 days. Don’t worry so much about failing. It happens. Most people pass it on the first try so don’t stress out about it. Be calm, positive and just relax, you got this.
  5. Most people want to know how much it will cost. Although it varies from state to state the estimated cost is $5 to $20 for the knowledge test which usually includes the learners permit. The road skills test will cost $30 to $60 and the standard CDL license will cost you $75 to $100. This does not include endorsements which can be $5 to $10.

Getting your CDL is attainable if you study and learn everything you need to know. Good drivers are still in demand. Whether you want to drive a bus or a big rig, this and can be just the career you were looking for. Don’t get overwhelmed and just go for it.

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