5 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn Like a Pro

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Professional lawn care providers are able to generate lawns that are healthy and lush in appearance. Renters and homeowners can create similar results by following a few of the tricks that professionals use on the job. The following techniques are five of the most commonly used to maintain customer’s lawns.

Alternating The Mowing Route

A lawn that is mowed in the same direction time after time may develop stripes that may develop irregular growth patterns. Cutting in the same direction can also cause indentions in the soil where the lawn mower’s wheels travel. This will develop a less appealing look to the grass over time. These issues can be prevented by simply changing the direction that the grass is cut each time.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Mowing a lawn slowly will create and maintain a professional look to your yard. Pushing a lawnmower across the grass too quickly will result in missed spots. Attempting to cut wide swaths that do not overlap will also prevent the mower from covering the yard completely. Running a mower at medium speeds allows the blades to make contact with the grass without blowing it over.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

The time of day a lawn is mowed can influence the overall look of your yard. Sports fields and golf courses are cut early in the morning for a reason. Cutting early or late morning is best, as the dew has evaporated off of the grass blades. This also avoids the heat that is generated later in the day that burns freshly cut tips.

Follow Proper Mowing Proceedures

Make sure to cut no more than one-third of the length of the grass. This promotes a maintained appearance without stunting the growth of a lawn. Lawns should be kept at about three inches in length. This creates a healthy lawn that develops a sufficient root system and also helps to keep unwanted weeds from finding a foothold in your yard.

Water Grass Properly

In most locations across the US, an inch of water each week is sufficient. This can vary in locations that are extremely dry or wet, however. Healthier lawns can be created by watering less frequently. This allows the soil to dry out, allowing it to absorb water more effectively. This also helps to develop a deeper root system as the grass searches for deeper water in the soil.

You Can Do It!

Your grass can look like it is professionally maintained by applying the steps discussed above. There is no one technique that creates a healthy-looking lawn. Combining all of these will produce smooth and thick grass.

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