5 Tips for Using Cargo Bars During a Move

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From the perspective of the client, nothing can be more frustrating than receiving a damaged shipment. One of the major causes of damaged packaging is often due to careless loading of the truck or trailer, with the items in transit shifting since they aren’t secured in place by cargo bars or straps.

Here are major tips to allow your cargo arrive in the same condition in the new place as they were in the old one:

Sort, Sell, Donate or toss

Moving to a new house can be an interesting process since just like the game of Tetris it can give you ample time to allow you to sort your things. Sell those items which you no longer will be using or donate them to a charity. Additionally, throwing other things is allowed especially those items that are too worn out to be used by other people or are outdated. Sorting your items and reducing your luggage reduces the strain you will put on your cargo bars when moving

Get ready with proper moving supplies

Stacking in the moving truck can be made easier by purchasing several moving boxes of the same size. Also during renting a truck ask about renting appliance dollies, rope and moving blankets that will help secure the furniture onto the cargo bars and protect it from abrasive damages when moving.

Label absolutely everything

Mark all the boxes with clear descriptions so that you can remember which boxes are fragile or the ones that can wait to be unpacked. Labeling will help you choose the best spot to lash the boxes onto your cargo bars to prevent breakages. The labels will also help you estimate the type of care needed when unattaching the ropes securing each box to the cargo bars

Load the heaviest items on the moving truck first

Major appliances and large furniture should go into the truck first and packed tightly against the back wall. Include blankets or pads between the appliances to avoid dents or scratches. As you fill your truck front to back with larger items, you will notice that you have open spaces which can be used to load smaller boxes or lighter items which were not packed in boxes. Loading heavy items first gives you the perfect access to cargo bars hence ensuring that you can secure these perfectly without interference from lighter cargo that is relatively easier to secure.

Secure to more than one point

Heavy items will put more strain on your cargo bars. Tying them down to multiple cargo bars will distribute the weight and increase the cargo bar’s lifespan. Distributing the weight creates multiple fallback support points that will keep your cargo in place even if one of your harnesses fail during the move.

Packing smartly ensures that your precious cargo and truck will arrive undamaged as well as avoiding chances of an accident. Organization is the solution to every good move. By hiring a professional moving company you won’t have to worry about how to pack the moving truck however, this is not the case when you want to move the things on your own.

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