5 Ways to Encourage Students to Continue Learning During the Summer

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Summer is here and the kids are free from school. They’re probably sleeping in, playing video games, watching TV and complaining they’re bored.

What better time than now to start teaching your kids about the things they may not be learning in school? After all, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the learning should be on hold!

Here are five easy ways to keep your children learning during summer vacation.

1. Arts and Creativity

Now is a great time to look for places where children can see and learn how things are made.

Take a Saturday road trip and introduce them to a glassblowing studio. They’ll be in awe.

Look for a local art seminar where they can get their hands dirty painting, creating ceramics or crafting pottery.

The options are limitless when it comes to your children and art.

2. Hire Your Child as an Energy Consultant

Talk to them about ways that you might be able to conserve energy in your home and ask them to help.

They can keep a log of times where lights are left on too long, windows are left open when the air conditioning is on, water is left running for now reason and so on.

As an incentive, whatever savings you experience in your energy bill due to their efforts goes directly into their next allowance.

3. Teach Them How To Grow Things

Even if you don’t have the ability to create a huge garden, this can still be done in pots. Ask them what kinds of veggies or fruits they’d like to grow, then head to your local greenhouse to pick up everything you’ll need.

Help them through the process, but make sure they know it’s theirs and they are in charge.

They’ll be excited when they eat that first tomato!

4. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

You’ll obviously need to go with them on this learning experience. Call ahead and find out what responsibilities are available for children the age of yours.

When you get their, let them take ownership of the responsibility they’re assigned.

5. Start a WordPress Blog

Set up a simple WordPress site that your child can easily log into so they can write about their summer experiences, interests or whatever is on their minds.

Set a simple rule that they are required to make at least one blog post a day. This teaches responsibility and adhering to deadlines. But chances are, they’ll enjoy it so much that it won’t feel like work.

Summer is the Perfect Time For Learning

Even though school is out, it doesn’t mean the learning needs to go on hold. There are so many things to learn and summer is the perfect time.

These five ideas will go a long ways toward teaching your child about the way the world works.

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