5 Ways Your Tailor Can Help You Look Slimmer

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Getting your garments tailored is a great way to make sure that they hang correctly on your frame. With the right cut at shoulder, waist and hip, you can create a long, lean line. Be prepared to wait a bit for your garments, and make sure you’re giving your tailor the right fabrics to work with.


1) Sleeve Length

Sleeves that hang past your wrists can draw the eye down and make your torso look heavier. If you constantly have to push your sleeve back to look at your watch, get them shortened.

2) Jacket Width

A boxy jacket will make you appear chunky. Even if you want a blazer with a bit of room, make sure to not let fabric flap around your hips. If you need to buy up one size and get it altered, be patient and invest in stable fabrics that won’t stretch out of shape once the alterations are done.

3) Buy For Your Largest Part

If you’ve got wide shoulders and a narrow waist, buy a blazer that will let you move your arms and get the waist nipped. If your hips are wider than your shoulder, buy suits and skirts to fit your bottom and get the jacket taken in at the shoulders. You can go from standard to specialized very quickly.

4) Pants

If you go down a size, it can be tempting to get all your pants altered. However, altering everything at the waist may not be a good use of your tailor’s skill or your alteration dollars. If your trousers are a bit loose at the waist, wear a belt. If they get loose across the hips or on your bottom, get them taken in.

5) Draw the Eye Away from the Center

Men and women alike who carry weight around their tummy can get help from their tailor by making sure that garments don’t flap. If you need a bigger size to fit the tummy, take care to get trouser legs trimmed and jacket sleeves tapered. While the skinny look may not suit, it’s critical that you’re not swimming in your clothes to get the right fit around your waist.

Stable, non-stretchy fabrics will tailor better than anything with a lot of give. Be aware that altering can mean taking a garment apart, which takes time and skill. Give your tailor time to do a great job.

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