6 Benefits of Purchasing Cigars Instead of Cigarettes

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A lot has been said about smoking, including its adverse effects on your body. However, what if you are among those people who cannot stay without smoke? Whether you are in the process of quitting, or just wish to minimize the effects of smoking on your body, cigars might be exactly what you are looking for. I have highlighted six benefits that you may want to start reaping by buying cigars, rather than cigarettes.

1. They reduce the frequency of tobacco intake. The health risks associated with tobacco are directly related to the frequency of use. It explains why the majority of people who end up suffering from lung cancer smoked several packets of cigarettes daily. There are higher chances of spotting men smoking cigarettes than it is to see someone with a cigar in his or her mouth almost all the time. As such, enjoying a cigar puts you at a lesser risk of getting cancer, compared to someone who smokes cigarettes.

2. Inhaling is discouraged in cigars, but the same happens during cigarette smoking. It explains why cigarette smokers are at a higher risk of lung cancer. Supposing a cigar user inhales in moderation, he or she would have to smoke at least five cigars per day, to be at the same level of risk as a cigarette smoker who consumes a whole packet in a day.

3. Cigars are said to be more biodegradable compared to cigarettes – they can be broken down into harmless elements through the naturally occurring ways such as bacteria. On the other hand, the filters present in the cigarettes are not biodegradable, and as such, denying you the opportunity to participate in efforts aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability.

4. Cigars spell luxury. Cigars are more expensive than cigarettes. You will spot wealthy men in top-notch hotels having a conversation, smoking cigars. As such, if you are not considering quitting that smoke, and in search of something that matches your bank account, cigars are the way to go.

5. Cigars come in a wide variety regarding shapes, smells, colors, sizes, and tastes. This allows you to choose the level of quality that suits you most. On the other hand, variety in cigarettes only means variation in the quantity of nicotine, menthol addition, or the presence or absence of filters.

6. If sophistication is your first name, then cigars are your safest bet. Throughout history, they have been associated with individuals whose personalities were bigger than themselves. Think of politicians such as the former presidents of the United States, Bill Clinton and J.F. Kennedy, revolutionaries such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, and sports persons like Demi Moore and Michael Douglas. The unique savvy inherent in these personalities can only be complemented by cigars.

These are just a few benefits that are linked to cigar smoking as opposed to cigarette smoking. Of utmost importance is to realize that, irrespective of these benefits, users of cigars are not as safer as the non-smokers.

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