6 Easy Ways To Care For Your Septic System

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There’s a requirement to inspect septic systems annually. In fact, there are some local health agencies that have stricter guidelines, which means you should contact the health department in your area to confirm the requirements. Most people don’t particularly care to inspect their septic system and some hire a professional to get it done. If you’re someone that’s handy, you can perform the inspection on your own. Below are six different ways you can take care of your septic system with ease.

1. Request Help From the Health Department

Generally speaking, local health departments offer support and assistance with septic systems. If you feel intimidated and don’t feel comfortable conducting an inspection or resolving a problem that has occurred, you can request help. A maintenance provider can make sure there is no sludge or build up in the system, which is how clogs are formed.

2. Pump Your Septic Tank

Despite the fact that inspections are required, it’s common for homeowners to wait until they have a problem before pumping their septic tank. It’s actually supposed to be pumped somewhere between three and five years. The benefit of maintaining a pumping schedule is that you prevent sewage from backing up.

3. Don’t Flush Certain Items Down the Toilet

It’s well known that some items flushed down the toilet can cause problems. Unfortunately, some people treat toilets like a trash can by flushing paper towels, cleaning wipes, cotton balls, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and a long list of other items down the toilet. This is a bad habit that can become costly.

4. Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

There are many drain clean products that contain harsh chemicals. Some products can do more damage than good, so you should avoid them altogether. An alternative is using a drain snake or boiling hot water. Some problems are caused by pouring oil down the drain, which is something that should never happen. Experts often recommend that you avoid use of the garbage disposal as much as possible by using a trash can instead.

5. Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

What goes through your septic system isn’t the only thing that can cause a problem. What surrounds it can also become an issue. It’s important to maintain the surrounding area, which includes making sure there is no water runoff, grass from landscaping, soil or anything else that could potentially enter the system.

6. Address Problems Quickly

It’s easy to ignore potential septic system problems until it becomes so big that it must be addressed. Waiting to resolve a problem can increase the cost, especially if you end up having to replace the system because of prolonged issues. Pay attention to any signs of a problem in advance and make a commitment to getting it taken care of right away.

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