6 Items to Help Keep Your Office Organized

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Your office is a space where you’re supposed to put your nose to the grindstone and get as much done as you possibly can. Having an efficient workspace isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds though.
If you’re like a lot of people, you spend a great deal of your time looking for papers, trying to track down receipts and thinking about how you really should get your office organized. While some of the blame might fall on bad habits, organization isn’t just a mental effort.
Use this guide to learn more about six items that can help you keep your office organized so you can focus and stay productive.

1. Colorful Storage Boxes

Colorful storage boxes can be utilized in a variety of ways, but for paperwork, there’s no way to beat them. Try using one color for invoices, another for sales receipts and another for source or resource paperwork.
You can also use different colored storage boxes for each client so you know where the right paperwork is – even when it isn’t completely organized. Colorful boxes will also help you spruce up your office while you get organized.

2. Desk Calendars

Staying organized is about more than just clearing paperwork. To really stay on top of your day, a quality desk calendar that’s always in front of you can make a huge difference.
Invest in a model where the calendar pages can be changed out so you can keep the base unit from year to year.

3. Cable Management Systems

Too many cables in your office, whether it’s from a laptop or the six different mobile device you use, can be a real pain. Cable management systems help hide them and get them out of sight, making your office feel more organized.
For many people, just clearing the visual clutter can help make your office more productive.

4. Stackable Plastic Boxes

Colorful storage boxes can help you stay organized, but if you’re like a lot of people, you just don’t have a ton of space in your office. Once paperwork gets old, transfer the items to stackable plastic storage boxes and keep them out of sight.
Label each box with a waterproof marker and painter’s tape so you know what’s inside and when you packed it.

5. Desktop Storage Boxes

Loose ends in your office can make your space feel chaotic and cluttered quickly. Look for colorful or unique storage boxes for your desktop and surfaces to keep them neatly organized.

6. Digital Picture Frames

An office without a personal item is a sterile, strange space to be in. As much as you might want a dozen photos of friends and family though, you likely don’t have the space.
Shop for a digital picture frame where you can change pictures out or have them rotate automatically.

Finding peace in your office may not be possible, but clutter doesn’t have to be a source of frustration. Use these six items to get your office organized and keep it that way.

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