6 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Cigars

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Becoming an experienced cigar aficionado is generally not a fast process, but it is a wonderful one. Beginners tend to make the same mistakes, and while making mistakes is part of that process, there are at least six things you can avoid when purchasing cigars to make your experience more enjoyable.

1. Avoid Associating Quality with Cost

Many people who’ve purchased Cuban cigars over the years can attest that high costs and limited accessibility don’t necessarily translate to a great smoke. Perhaps the biggest mistake new cigar smokers make is not being willing to sample the bargains available at their local shop. Take chances, and know that throwing away a cheap cigar from time to time is well worth the experience you’ll gain.

2. Avoid Buying New Experiences in Bulk
As a cigar smoker, there’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than having an entire box of a cigars you don’t like. Sure, you can give them away, but better yet, avoid that beginner mistake in the first place. Better to miss out on a great deal than to waste your budget on a box you have to slog through.

3. Avoid Manhandling the Product

Respect the cigar shop owner and your fellow consumer. Beginners usually don’t mean to be disrespectful but can be by pinching a cigar too hard or shoving it into their noses to smell. Think about how you want someone to handle a cigar you’ll purchase, and then, act accordingly.

4. Be Willing to Ask for Advice

Cigar smokers are a community that usually welcomes the chances to educate new smokers. Browsing a cigar shop is an experience, and salespeople are likely to respect your space in this kind of environment. That doesn’t mean they’re not willing to help. If you’re new, a great way to ask for help is to tell them what you’ve tried, what you’ve liked and that you want to broaden your horizons in the cigar world.

5. Avoid Cigars That Aren’t Fresh

Buy cigars from shops that have humidors and care about the product they sell. Eventually, you’ll be fortunate to be a regular at a shop you know and trust. Be mindful that even the best shops can have a bad batch. To test a cigar, check wrapper and binder tenderness by pinching lightly between your thumb and forefinger.

6. Avoid Choosing Cigars That Are Too Long or Too Short

Many beginners don’t think about the relationship between cigar size and time commitment. You can enjoy a large cigar on a lazy Sunday but will probably need something much more modest on your lunch break. It’s always a good idea to purchase various sizes so that you can choose the right cigar for the moment.

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