8 Ideas for Packing Up a House in Under a Week

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Moving is a wonderful, exciting experience. Packing is an irritating, tedious experience, but it’s one that you have to do in order to move. If you’re someone who drags your feet with moving because of how long it takes, this article is for you. These are eight ideas for packing up a house in under a week.

1. Make a list

Before you start packing up your house, make a list of what needs to be done.
You can start by going through each room until everything is packed up. This will help you to better track your progress and break down the packing into more manageable steps.

2. Get rid of things

Moving can double as a mass cleaning. There’s going to be plenty of items that no longer serve a purpose for you. Throw away anything that has completely run its course and designate a donation box for anything that another household could enjoy.

3. Get help

You shouldn’t be the only one in your household pulling their weight. Your spouse and/or kids should pitch in too. Even if your kids are young, they can still be given the responsibility of packing up their rooms. If you live alone, enlist a friend to help.

4. Take time off work

It can be hard to find time for packing when you have a full-time job. If you’re really pressed for time, you might need to request time off from work. Take a couple of vacation days to focus on packing. Be considerate to your employers and ask for time off with as much advance notice as you can.

5. Pack through the weekend

You might not want to hear that you may have to sacrifice your weekend to pack, but try to not see it as a sacrifice. Instead, see it as a gift you’re giving to yourself. By buckling down and putting things together in a timely manner, you can be far less stressed while packing.

6. Be organized

A strong organizing system is a must when packing. You should have your boxes labeled so that you can easily keep track of what should be put where. You should also have a schedule that you stick to as well as possible.

7. Pack small things first

Items should be packed away in ascending order of importance. Start with things that don’t need to be used and are easy to put away, such as books and movies. Then, move up until you’re left with the largest items, such as furniture.

8. Wake up earlier

People bemoan how there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. While days could always be longer, they could also be spent more fully. Get up at least an hour before you normally do and get to work on packing. This can help give you a boost in the morning in addition to helping you get packed sooner.

Until they invent a device that puts things into boxes and tapes them up with the click of a button, packing a house is going to be work. But it can be much less work if you put your mind to work. With these tips, you can make the packing process far more efficient and perhaps even enjoyable.

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