About Us

Zwaggle is a young website aimed at start up businesses and new entrepreneurs looking for help and advice as they start out in their businesses.

Contrary to popular belief, most entrepreneurs were not born into money and at some time or other, have needed the advice of others to help them achieve success.

We believe, with a bit of smart thinking, it is possible to succeed with the right idea and the right attitude. And we would like to share all the tips and secrets with you.

Our readers are mainly young professionals under the age of forty. But we regularly invite contributions from people with more experience under their belt, to write for us.

Every month, we approach a business leader or entrepreneur and ask them for their tips and ideas about saving money. Our bloggers have first-hand experience with having to beg, borrow and barter in order to get their start ups off the ground and regularly describe what has worked and what has not in their blogs!

At the moment, we have an eclectic mix of bloggers, who live all over the country and all have very different life stories.

They range from micro brewery owners to the CEOs of international companies. Some of them wear a suit and some of them wear ripped jeans. But all of them have something to offer the beginner in their quest to not only get started, but to save money whilst they are at it.

What you will find here is not only a list of tips and ideas, but a community of like minded people, willing to share their thoughts with others.

It is often thought that the business world is uncaring or full of ‘dog eat dog’ individuals, but in putting together this blog we have found the opposite to be the case.

Finally, if you have any comments or questions about our blog, please let us know, we love hearing from you.