5 Ideas for Decoration for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

When you’re looking to create the wedding of your dreams, you’ll quickly realize that weddings can be extremely expensive. As a result, it makes sense to start looking for ways to keep the budget feasible. After all, it’s only one day. Consider these five ideas for creating an incredibly beautiful wedding that’s still budget-friendly.

1. Christmas Lights 
Christmas lights are extremely whimsical and delightful. If you’re getting married in a church, you can line the middle aisle with strings of Christmas lights. With lights on the ground and a few of the overhead lights on, you can create a romantic, dimly-lit ambiance. Light the stage with a string of Christmas lights. You can also add a few unscented candles to the mix. Light really large ones that you can easily find at a local dollar store.

2. Faux Flowers 
As soon as florists find out that you’re getting married, the cost of flowers skyrockets. Instead, save yourself the headache by purchasing or renting faux flowers. If you choose to purchase the faux flowers, you can always resell them on wedding reselling websites. Then, you’ll make a profit. Use the faux flowers for everything from decorating the chuppah to the seats of the middle aisles.

3. DIY Centerpieces 
Make your own centerpieces with inexpensive items like candles, honeycomb balls and glassware. You can easily purchase simple glass vases for the centerpieces. If you add floating candles and glitter to each vase of water, this can be a simple fix. If you want to try a different option, consider finding picture frames. Put pictures of you and your spouse in the frame. Dip the frame in glitter or paint the frames a specific color that matches the decor.

4. Large Balloons 
Balloons are easily an inexpensive option that can fill a room. The mylar letter balloons are especially popular right now. If you choose to spell your new last name or a word like ‘togetherness’ or ‘love’, the letter balloons can serve as their own display. You can also choose Geronimo balloons or smaller options filled with confetti. Blow them up with helium. Place a bunch of balloons on each table for the reception.

5. Thrifted Tablecloths 
Head over to your local thrift stores on days that they have discounts. You can look to see if you find any whimsical patterns you really like. You can create an antique, vintage vibe with your reception. Once you find the perfect tablecloths, make sure to get them professionally cleaned. If there are any stains, make sure to bleach them so all of the tablecloths are the same color. You can even dip-dye them so they’re an interesting hue as well.

As you try these different options, you can easily create a stunning wedding. When it’s executed well, your guests won’t ever know that you spent next to nothing on the decor.

5 Advantages of Having a Prepaid Phone

The cell phone has become an important part of modern society since its introduction. It is quite a challenge to find someone who does not own even the most basic form of a portable phone. These phones are provided a wide variety of plans with a diverse set of benefits and price ranges. However, one should consider the benefits of owning a prepaid phone before evaluating contract plans.

1. Contract-Free 

Contracts provided by phone companies are well known for being costly to break. If your needs change or you are provided with more affordable options and have already been inducted into another cell phone provider’s contract, then the contract’s obligations must be fulfilled in order to avoid a hefty termination fee. With prepaid phones, you have a no-strings-attached relationship to the provider and may cancel service at any time at no cost to you.

2. Saves Money 

Prepaid phones are often cheaper than phones acquired through a contract. Instead of paying monthly for lucrative features which may or may not end up being utilized, you instead have the option to only pay for the minutes you will use. A large variety of prepaid phone plans exist that cater to the budgets of different people, so there is an endless amount of choices when it comes to finding a plan that fits your needs.

3. Parent-Friendly 

Prepaid phones allow parents to have a comfortable amount of control over their children’s phone activity. Unlike contract plans which offer unlimited talk and text, prepaid phones allow for parents to allow their kids to only have as many minutes as they have purchased. This also serves as a way to teach your child budgeting and accountability at an early age.

4. No Credit Checks 

Those who have a less than a satisfactory credit score or are just beginning to build credit do not need to fret over having a cell phone plan when it comes to prepaid phones. In contrast to contract plans, prepaid phone plans do not run a credit check on their customers.

5. No Surprise Charges

Contract plans are notorious for their hidden fees. It is hard to brace yourself for these extra charges considering how much they vary based on government mandates, state taxes, and other charges such as administrative and regulatory fees. Prepaid phones allow you to bypass most of these fees.

Cell phones are integral to everyday life. They allow for contact to authorities and loved ones with just a few taps. However, just because having a form of communication in your back pocket is convenient does not mean that it has to break the bank.

3 Reasons to Use a Catheter to Help With Urinary Incontinence

Having urinary incontinence can make everyday life difficult. You will want to stay close to the bathroom, and even then you may still have the occasional accident. There are a broad variety of treatments out there for urinary incontinence, but they do not always work. One treatment that can work without any issues is the use of a catheter. Catheters draw the urine out from the bladder. This allows you to avoid having to use adult diapers and other medications. Below are 3 reasons why you should use a catheter to help with urinary incontinence.

1. Prevents Infections and Other Issues

The use of the catheter will help to prevent infections that are caused by urine backing up into the bladder. This will also combat any issues with the kidneys as a catheter will allow the bladder to drain properly. An improperly draining bladder can cause infections as well as issues with the bladder and kidneys. In addition, a catheter will also help prevent skin irritation from urine getting on the skin.

2. Prevents the Use of Adult Diapers

No one wants to use adult diapers unless they have to. These diapers can be extremely bulky and noticeable underneath your clothes. With urinary incontinence, you may have to change frequently, which can lead to problems during your busy day. For example, if you are at work and have to constantly go and change the diaper, you could be less productive. The use of a catheter allows you to not worry about your urinary incontinence and not to have to wear an adult diaper.

3. No Need for Medication

There are a broad variety of medications out there on the market today that is geared for urinary incontinence. The problem with these medications is that they often cause some pretty severe side effects that can affect your day-to-day life. These medications can also be quite expensive, and insurance may not cover the entire cost of medication. With catheters, you do not have to worry about taking any medication. This is an all-natural way to expel the urine from your system without the use of any pharmaceutical medication. This is a much better option as there is a 100% guarantee that the catheter will draw the urine out of the body.

If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, you should consider getting a catheter. In many cases, your insurance company will provide these free of charge. Speak with your doctor today about starting with using a catheter.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stretch

Research has proven that taking time to stretch one or more times each day will lead to a better quality of life. In our technology induced world, it’s easy to forget how important stretching your muscles is for leading a productive lifestyle. Whether you are an active athlete, or if you’re simply a quiet businessperson, taking time to give your body what it deserves will boost your performance.

#5 Reason to Stretch: Better Circulation

Stretching your muscles in the gym before or after a workout is proven to increase your body’s ability to provide your muscles with fresh nutrients. This increased blood flow, or hemodynamics, replenishes your muscles when they need rejuvination.

#4 Reason to Stretch: Run Faster, Jump Higher

Athletes that stretch on a regular basis show up to the gym and perform better than other athletes. Stretching your muscles is a great practice if you are going to the gym every day or only once each week. Your body will perform better if you give your muscles time to unwind.

#3 Reason to Stretch: Decrease in Cramps and Muscle Fatigue

Stretching requires discipline. But it’s not only for guys and girls who run on treadmills; other people who stretch regularly include ballerinas, football players, and golf pros. If you’re having trouble with muscle cramping, or if you find your muscles becoming sore without taking on much strain, stretching could be the solution for which you’ve been searching.

#2 Reason to Stretch: Better Posture

Yoga is the meditative art of stretching. People who practice yoga are more prone to poise and sophistication of posture than those people who let their muscles grow stiff and rigid. Of course there are plenty of other forms of stretching, but yoga is one of the easiest and widely accessible ways to get your muscles moving.

#1 Reason to Stretch: Better Flexibility

Along with yoga and other stretching routines comes the aspect of better flexibility. Not only do those who are disciplined at stretching achieve better posture, but people who stretch tend to experience better flexibility. This means that you’ll have an easier time reaching things, which is a problem for many people in the service industry. If you’re in a job where you need to use your body (i.e. mechanic, painter, musician), stretching could help you find a better way to do you work.

Find Time to Commit to Stretching

No matter what you do for a living, stretching could help solve some of life’s problems. You’ll never know until you give it a try. Commit to stretching six times each week to see the best benefits from your routine.

4 Technological Advances of Antenna Alignment

While antennas are generally perceived as outdated technology, telecom companies are still finding ways on how to improve the antenna for the electronics’ future generation. Although we are now in the era of sophisticated technology some of our communications still utilize mobile phone antennas to function. To ensure their efficiency and effectiveness, these antennas must be properly installed, mounted, and aligned so digital devices could function efficiently. Interestingly, there are several technological advances in antenna alignment that makes installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, and repair easier and more convenient.

What is Antenna Alignment?

Antenna alignment is the process of fine-tuning the elevation, azimuth, as well as the polarizing angles of the antenna to allow the center of beams to align to the objective satellite. In space-related operations, antenna alignment prepares the foundation for the stations on earth to perform daily business transmission and access validation. Precise antenna alignment intended to the objective satellite is the only way that the work on the earth stations could become reliable and stable. Companies like Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon require the use of antenna alignment tools to boost the reliability of the microwave link. In terms of cellular performance, the integrity of the RF is crucial.

Latest Tech Advances

Built-in Camera

One of the most impressive technological advances in antenna alignment is the ability to include a camera in antenna alignment tools. This technology will allow users to not only efficiently align the antenna but also show the direction it is pointing. It offers an image of the line of sight that is mechanically associated with the tool. This latest advancement is very useful especially when the antenna is in a place where there are a lot of building constructions or growing tree lines. The camera can show these obstructions that could reduce the quality of the coverage. Because of this engineers can include these obstructions and can find better ways on how to optimize the orientation of the antenna.

Augmented Integration

Who says AR or Augmented Reality is not applicable to antenna alignment? There are several antenna tools that utilize AR. Integration of Augmented Reality enables users to easily achieve perfect antenna alignment. Linked to the touch screen monitor, the user can adjust the alignment by simply aligning the crosshair with the bullseye or your target position.

GPS Technology

Antenna alignment now utilizes GPS technology. This allows users to calculate the azimuth, roll, tilt, and GDL measurements useful in a wide range of directional antenna systems. This avoids guessing and promotes accurate and reliable calculations.

Smartphone and Mobile Devices Enabled

Another interesting technological advancement in antenna alignment is the ability to link antenna alignment tools with smartphones and other mobile devices. Through this users can easily measure, evaluate, and save alignment information using an App. They can also make and send reports wirelessly from their mobile in PDF version. Additionally, the App also allows the users to save up to four photos for every antenna in the report. There is also a calculator for the microwave azimuth path making it easy for users to do correct calculations.

The latest technological advances in antenna alignment ensure error-free calculations for all alignments and installations. Additionally, it makes the work easier, more convenient, reliable, and efficient. In the future, we can expect that more technological advancements will be applied in antenna alignment that will make it even more dependable.