4 Ways Stylish Waiting Rooms Put Your Patients at Ease

As a health professional, you only want the best for your patients. After all, it’s your job to provide the right care with empathy in mind. Here are a few reasons why having a stylish waiting room is also important.

Creativity is Inspiring

Compare a room with bland colored walls and no artwork to one with colorful paintings and bright lighting, and you’ll see key differences. The bright room contains aesthetically pleasing elements to attract patients. These give comfort and inspire happiness in times of distress. You can paint the walls a cheery yellow to represent friendliness. Blue can have a calming effect which may be useful for improving one’s mental health. Motivate people to daydream by painting the rooms a light purple hue. Besides this, have fun placing beautiful paintings and delightful plants in strategic places to complete the look.

Peaceful Environment

You have the chance to bring peace to peoples’ lives by creating a calm environment. A quiet, stylish waiting room will not only ease your patients’ minds, but it will help you earn respect. Sofas and chairs should be comfortable enough to sit on for a long time. In addition to this, an organized room with everything in its place is less distracting than a messy one. Place plants in the waiting room to bring nature and peace indoors. Excessive decorations may have a negative effect on one’s mood. Create a zen environment by providing appropriate reading materials and promoting beauty.

Provide Healthy Entertainment

Reading is educational for adults and children. Additionally, give people an opportunity disabilities and mental illnesses for a while in favor of focusing on healthier activities. Magazines, pamphlets and books about spirituality, celebrities, physical fitness and healthy eating are highly beneficial to one’s health. Include entertainment for kids as well by setting out toys, children’s books and magazines, and even kid-sized chairs. Keep everything up-to-date by switching out old magazines and toys for new ones once in a while.

Encourage a Positive Mindset

Waiting rooms are the first thing patients see upon arrival. First impressions matter if you want repeat customers. If you desire to understand your patients better, you can try walking in the door and considering how the room makes you feel. The best way to make your patients feel comfortable is to live by high ethical standards and have a professional attitude. You’ll gain genuine respect and the trust you deserve.

Creating a stylish waiting room for your patients aid in boosting positivity. This likely means each person who comes to you will be ready for your services. Always remember the main reason why you entered your profession, and that’s to improve the lives of others.

How to Prepare for Eye Surgery

Having any type of surgery is a big deal, but some people are especially weary of eye surgery. Fortunately, most surgical procedures for the eyes are safe. When you schedule the procedure, your optometrist and the staff in their office will provide you with detailed instructions about what you can and cannot do. Take a look at the information below for insights on how to prepare.

Don’t Wear Any Eye Makeup

When getting ready for eye surgery, you need to avoid all eye makeup. In fact, it’s best if you don’t wear any for at least a day before the surgery. It’s because you need to make sure there is no debris on your eyelashes or anywhere else. The longer you go without wearing eye makeup before the surgery the better off you’ll be.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can be taxing on your eyes. Even if you wear lenses marketed as soft, they will still change the shape of each cornea. This is why you shouldn’t wear them for about a week before the surgery. There are some types of contact lenses that shouldn’t be worn for several weeks before eye surgery. Your optometrist will confirm when you need to stop wearing them based on your situation. It’s best to wear glasses because they are not touching your eyes and don’t have the same impact.

Don’t Wear Creams on Your Face

Beautification is a multibillion dollar industry around the world. There are creams and lotions for just about any problem you have with your face. It’s estimated that women use more than a dozen facial products daily. It’s best to avoid using products on your face at all before eye surgery because it’s easy for creams to get into your eyes.

Schedule a Ride Home

An important part of preparing for eye surgery is making sure you have a ride home after the procedure. Even if it’s a minor outpatient surgery, you won’t be able to drive yourself home. While it’s probably fine to have a car service take you home, it’s often best if you get a friend or family member to help. They can wait for you during the procedure and make sure you arrive home safely.

In addition to everything already listed, you should make absolutely sure your doctor is aware of any medical conditions that you might have. There are some conditions that can seriously impact eye surgery and you don’t want to put your eyesight in danger. You should also disclose information about any medications you’re taking.

5 Tips for Getting Enough Calcium in Your Diet

As you age, calcium intake becomes more important because it can ward off osteoporosis and other issues with bone density. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get calcium in your diet, and you may consider daily supplements as the only alternative. Before purchasing supplements, consider these tips getting enough calcium in your diet.

(1) Dairy
Everyone knows dairy products are great sources of calcium so it is the logical place to start when considering how to increase calcium intake. When perusing the great variety of milks, yogurts, and cheeses (lactose free and traditional) at your grocery store, be aware that not all are calcium-dense. According to FitDay, dairy milk contains a higher amount of calcium than other alternatives. The other products could be fortified with calcium so it is important to read the labels on the milk products (and all products) to understand the nutritional value of them.

(2) Seeds
If you are lactose intolerant or on a restricted diet that does not allow dairy, adding seeds to foods and smoothies is an easy way to get calcium. Mindbody suggests adding celery, sesame, flax, and chia seeds to soups, stir fry dishes, cereals, or desserts.

(3) Edamame
Instead of munching on popcorn while watching a movie, substitute edamame. Edamame is available in the frozen section of your grocery store, and one serving (1 1/2 cups) contains more calcium than in a cup of milk.

(4) Leafy green vegetables
You may not know it, but a raw salad with leafy greens (spinach, collared greens, kale, and some lettuce varieties) is a calcium-rich snack or appetizer.

(5) Canned fishes
AARP suggests that good calcium sources do not need to be reserved to the dairy, frozen, and produce sections of your grocery store. Canned sardines and salmon are also excellent sources.

Of course, the foods listed above do not need to be consumed in isolation. There are plenty of recipes that use all or some of the ingredients above. Salads containing canned fish, cheese, leafy green vegetables, edamame, and a dressing made with sesame seeds offer the nutritional benefits of all the calcium-rich foods listed here. If you prefer to drink your calcium, fresh kale is a great staple in smoothies. Mixed with bananas, pineapples, and oranges, a kale smoothie absorbs the sweetness of the fruits. Take advantage of all these options and use supplements only as a last resort.

A Beginner’s Guide to Gambling

With a number of states in America having already legalized online gambling for its residents, the nation is seeing a major uptick in the number of Americans who are wanting to learn how to gamble. Yes, gambling in America is officially moving out of the casinos and into mainstream America.

Before you make the decision to start investing your hard earned cash in gambling activities, there’s a few things you need to know to help maximize your enjoyment and chances of winning a few bucks every now and then. This information will also help you understand the importance of protecting your financial stability. Here’s five tips worthy of consideration:

1. Select Your Gambling Option – There are in fact lots of ways you can choose to gamble legally in America. The most popular options include casino gambling (slots, Blackjack, Roulette, etc.), sports betting and horse racing. To maximize your enjoyment, find the option or options you find most exciting and intriguing.

2. Learn How to Play – Once you have a general idea of which options you find most intriguing, you’ll want to invest some time learning the basics of that option or those options. If it’s casino games that tickle your fancy, you’ll want to focus on the house rules. That will give you the opportunity to learn how to play the game properly while also giving you an education on the house’s advantage.

3. Have Fun – From the get go, you need to understand gambling is nothing more than a form of adult entertainment. The chances of winning money on a consistent basis are not good. Therefore, your focus should be on having a good time and playing within your budget.

4. Win Big Go Home – Should you have the good fortune of hitting a big jackpot or picking the right horse(s), your best chances of walking away as a winner come if you are willing to actually walk away a winner. The act of winning is a blessing. The last thing you want to do is tempt fate and give back all your winnings without first enjoying the fruits of your good fortune. You can always come back and gamble another day.

5. Never Gamble Beyond Your Means – Gambling is a great form of adult entertainment. If you are going to gamble, you must have the discipline to never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. For most people, the best way to protect themselves is to gamble with money normally set aside for other forms of entertainment. After all, that’s all gambling is intended to be, a fun and exciting form of adult entertainment.

How to Choose The Right Car Shipping Company For You

Choosing a car shipper needn’t be difficult if your armed with the knowledge of what it means to be a good auto transport provider and aren’t afraid to do your research. Despite the array of car shipping providers out there, not every company has what it takes to ensure a hassle-free relocation and that’s the last experience anyone wants. Use the information below in your quest to find an amazing car shipping company.

Compare the Choices

Never hire the first auto shipper you find and always spend a few minutes of your time researching the choices. No two companies offer the same professionalism, prices, or service. It’s up to you to research, compare, and find the company that exceeds expectations. The internet is a useful tool for comparisons, but don’t forget to use other resources as they become available. Arm yourself with the knowledge of the best auto transport companies to ensure your satisfaction with the job when all is complete.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau provides useful information about registered and unregistered companies that tells you how they handle problems and complaints. The BBB gives each company a letter grade that represents these criteria so choosing a company that values customers is simple. Visit the BBB website or give them a call to learn more about the auto transport company you are interested in hiring.

Request a Quote

Most car shipping companies offer no-obligation quotes that help you find the best price and company. Just call the companies of interest to request the quote to learn their price for your car relocation needs. They’ll collect a few simple details from you regarding the vehicle and the intended destination in order to provide the quote. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote -time that’s well worth the effort. Take advantage of the estimates and compare, compare, compare. The more comparisons you make, the easier finding an affordable shipper becomes.

Find a Great Car Shipping Company Today

Car shipping companies provide a valuable service when relocating or in other situations where you need a car transported. It’s easy to find and hire a car shipper but never take this important decision lightly. Don’t settle for the first car shipper that you find when your prized possession is on the line. Use the above information to ease the process of finding a great car shipping provider.