6 First Date Topics that are Strictly Off Limits

Dating can be one of the most stressful activities a person engages over his lifetime. Despite the stress involved, a first date can lead to a good time, socialization and sometimes a future spouse. Recent statistics from the online dating industry have reported more than $2 billion in earnings each year, with a good portion of that money coming from people who continually burn out or misfire on the first date. Here are six conversation topics to avoid in order to keep a first date from becoming a last date.


1. Money and Personal Possessions.

Your money is your business. Revealing your earnings runs the potential of scaring your date by a financial inequity or might encourage the date to treat you like an ATM. If you want your date to know you are well off, it is far better to show it than to read off a list of your possessions.

2. Politics.

Politics is a dead fish in the waters of dating. Bringing up politics runs a huge risk of getting into an argument that may become so loud that random passersby may join in.

3. Religion.

The discussion of religious beliefs can quickly lead to violent arguments. Unless you cannot stand being affiliated with people belonging to a specific religion, save the spiritual discussions for a date down the line.

4. Previous Relationships.

Despite being such an obviously verboten topic of discussion, some people still make the mistake of bringing up their past experience. Talking about past experiences kills a good amount of the uniqueness of the first date and can filter the rest of the night with an unpleasant feeling of mental comparison. Talk positive about a previous person and your date may feel inadequate; talk negatively about a previous person and your date may feel like they are being used as some mental revenge against the other party. An adult knows when a relationship has run its course and knows that retreading thoughts on that relationship will lead nowhere.

5. Sex.

The moment that you bring up the idea of sexual activity is the moment you raise the stakes to a potentially uncomfortable level for your date. The more you discuss previous sexual antics, the more likely your date will think that you fully plan on adding to your repertoire at the end of the date.

6. Marriage.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, marriage should be one of the last things on your mind on the first date. Bringing up interest in marriage or even wanting to have children can really bury the lead and cast a pall over the rest of the date. Save talking about marriage or children for many dates down the line, after you have known the person for months or years.

7 Benefits of Displaying Military Medals in a Shadow Box

If you are a member of the military, you might have received a few medals for your service. If so, you might not be sure of how to store and display them. One good option that you can look into is buying a shadow box for them. These are a few reasons why this can be a good idea.


1. Show Them Off

You probably worked hard and sacrificed a lot to earn your military medals, and you deserve to show them off with pride. Luckily, a shadow box can make that easy.

2. Keep Them in One Place

It can be hard to keep track of all of your medals, especially if you move a lot due to your military service. With a shadow box, you can ensure that you keep all of your medals in this place. Then, you can help avoid losing them, such as during a move.

3. Prevent Them from Getting Dirty

Keeping your medals nice and pristine is probably important to you. No matter how hard you might try to stay on top of the dusting in your home and to prevent excessive dust, there is a chance that your medals could get dirty and dusty. If they’re tucked away in a protective shadow box, however, this should not be an issue.

4. Prevent Damage to Your Medals

Along with preventing your medals from getting dirty, keeping them in a shadow box can help prevent them from getting bent, stained or damaged by moisture.

5. Give Them the Honor They Deserve

Your military medals deserve to be honored the right way. By keeping them in a shadow box, you can do just that.

6. Enjoy a Decorative Addition to Your Home

If you are looking for a great way to add a decorative addition to your home, a shadow box can be great for this. Luckily, it should be easy to find a decorative shadow box that will suit your decor, and showing off your medals can be a good way to personalize your home decor.

7. Give Others Something to Aspire To

You may want to encourage your family members or other people you know to join the military. By showing off your medals, you can give others something to aspire to and can help encourage military service.

As you can see, if you military medals, it’s a good idea to buy a shadow box to display them in. Then, you can enjoy these seven benefits and more. Luckily, you can buy a shadow box that is designed specifically for this purpose that is sure to work well for your medals.

6 Low-Cost Ways to Help Your Home Sell Faster

When selling your home, there are many things that you as a homeowner can do to ensure that your listing sells quickly. Here are six things that you can do to create an atmosphere conducive to a potential homebuyer.

Pressure Washing:
While many people can remember to keep the interior of their house clean during the time of a listing, the effect that pressure washing the exterior of your home can have on the overall appearance is unquestionable, and is a process that is easy to do.
Quick and Easy Landscaping:
To compliment the exterior of your home, you may also consider a freshly landscaped look.
CNN Money has an article that can give you tips on some do-it-yourself landscape ideas that are good on a budget, but can have a dramatic effect on the exterior of you home.
While organization may sound simple, it is actually something that can draw a potential buyer into your home. By having your house organized, the potential buyer can see the function that the house presents, and is given a positive outlook at the possibility the house has to be able to fulfill their needs.
You may be asking yourself “what is staging”? Staging is simply presenting the house in the fashion that it has been carefully decorated and planned. This can be anything from setting the table with nice silverware and china, or putting a rug in the living room that matches the furniture. While it may seem like a costly option, the actual out-of-pocket cost to you may not be as much as you think. Check out this article on Forbes that can give you low-cost options that can help you stage your home yourself.
Pet Control:
When you know that a real estate agent is about to show your home, it is important that you either find a place for your pets to stay, or put them in a space at your home where they will not bother or be in the way of your potential buyer. This is a price-free way that you can make your buyer feel more comfortable in your home.
Keep it Neutral!:
Finally, remember that buyers want to be able to put their own personal touch on the house after it is bought. An easy and low-cost way to allow the buyer’s designer sense to flow is to have the paint colors in your house in a neutral tone.

These tips, along with other touches that you can make to your home, will help you sell your home quickly, making your next move easier.

7 Tips for Keeping Up Group Motivation in Workout Classes

If you host group workout classes, you might have noticed that it can be challenging to keep people positive and motivated. Luckily, however, there are a few tips that you can try that can make a difference. These are a few tips that can help you keep up group motivation in your workout class.

1. Know and Greet Everyone

First of all, take the time to get to know everyone, and make an effort to greet all of your students on a daily basis. Students who know that their instructor is making an effort to get to know them can get more out of their classes. Plus, if a student knows that he or she will be missed, he or she might be less likely to skip the class.

2. Choose Upbeat Music

The music that you choose for your workout classes really makes a difference. Music is effective at making any workout better, and if your students are listening to tunes that make them want to move, it can encourage them to stay motivated and on task.

3. Switch Things Up

Even the best workout routine can get boring when you repeat it over and over again. Make an effort to come up with new ideas and to shake the routine up. This can help keep participants motivated, can prevent boredom and can help everyone work out different muscle groups as well.

4. Stay Enthusiastic

You can’t really expect your fitness class students to be excited and motivated if you aren’t. Even if you’re having a bad day outside of class, it’s important to be positive and enthusiastic when you’re hosting your classes.

5. Be Helpful

People of all different experience levels and fitness levels might participate in your classes, and some of them might have questions. It’s important to be patient and to strive to provide helpful advice for students when they need it.

6. Provide Positive Feedback

If you let your students know that they are doing well, it can help keep them encouraged and motivated to continue on. This means that it’s worth it to make an effort each day to provide positive feedback to your fitness class students.

7. Ask for Suggestions

Sometimes it can be difficult to guess at what your students want or need out of a class. Letting students know that they are welcome to provide feedback is a great way to get helpful suggestions that can improve the class for everyone.

Keeping your group motivated in a workout class is key for the success of both the class itself and the people who are taking it. Luckily, following these tips can help.

6 Ways to Keep Moisture Out of Your Crawlspace

A moist crawlspace can cause a lot of problems. For one thing, it can cause the humidity levels to rise in your home. Even worse, it can cause structural damage to your home, which can result in the need for pricey repairs. Additionally, it can attract insects and other pests and can cause mold and mildew to grow. Although you might not think that there is much that you can do to prevent moisture in your crawlspace, try these tips, and you’re sure to see a difference.

1. Keep the Opening Closed

If your home is like many, you might have an access to your crawlspace from underneath your home. If you are lucky, this opening might be quite easy to access. This is a good thing when you need to get underneath your home to perform random household repairs, but it’s important to make sure that you keep the opening closed. This might seem like a no-brainer, but some people leave the opening open so that they can get in easily or simply forget to close it. By keeping it properly, tightly covered, however, you can help keep the area safe from the elements — such as rain and snow — that can cause moisture problems.

2. Focus on Proper Drainage

Proper drainage around your home is very important if you want to avoid structural damage — such as issues with your home’s foundation — and if you want to keep your crawlspace dry. If you aren’t careful, all of the water that runs off of your roof could find its way around your home and in your crawlspace, so it’s important to focus on drainage. There are a few different ways that you can go about doing this. First of all, installing gutters can help you control the water that runs off of your roof. Additionally, you might find that you need to do some grading work on your property to help steer rainwater in the right direction, such as toward your ditch or your drainage system.

3. Install a Vapor Barrier

Another issue that can cause excess moisture in your crawlspace is when water evaporates from the soil that surrounds and is underneath your home. This can seem unavoidable, but if you install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace, you can help combat this.

4. Install a Dehumidifier

Just as you can use a dehumidifier in your home, you can also install one in your crawlspace. This is designed to help remove moisture from the air, which can help keep the area nice and dry.

5. Use a Sump Pump

If you are already dealing with water under your crawlspace and are wondering how to get rid of it, you can use a sump pump. This will help pump out any existing water; then, you can use a dehumidifier to help get rid of any existing humidity.

6. Repair Leaks

Keep an eye on the plumbing underneath your house. Even a minor leak can add a lot of moisture to your crawlspace. Plus, by taking care of plumbing leaks quickly, you can help avoid wasted water.

As you can see, you do not have to keep dealing with moisture in your crawlspace. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that this area is kept nice and dry, as it should be.