5 Common Misconceptions About Foster Care

The foster care system is one of the more misunderstood systems in the US. While thousands of children are part of it, few honestly understand how it works. Below are five of the more common misconceptions about foster care.

All Foster Children Have Major Problems

There is definitely a preconception that foster children are troubled or that they are more likely to be troublemakers than other children. The truth is that foster children run the gamut of behaviors, with many children in foster care who lead perfectly well-adjusted lives. While all of these children deal with trauma, it is unfair to say that they all have major behavior issues.

The Parents of Children in Foster Care are Villains

The parents of children in foster care are not always villains. In some cases, the parents may be dealing with issues beyond their control like the inability to secure work or housing. In other situations, children may be in temporary foster care simply to get them out of a dangerous situation that is not the fault of the custodial parent. While children often go into foster care because of issues like neglect or abuse, there are many children who will only spend a brief time in the system before resuming their normal lives with their birth parents.

The Goal is Adoption

While many people look at children who go into foster care as children who have been ‘taken’ from their parents, the truth is that the goal of foster care is almost always family reunification. The average child who goes into the system goes in with the goal of going back to his or her parents after certain goals have been fulfilled.

Anyone Can Be a Foster Parent

While it is true that virtually any adult without a criminal record can become a foster parent, it does take more than putting one’s name on a list to become part of the foster system. Even family members who become foster parents often have to undergo significant training before a child can be placed with them, while most also have to have their homes examined and their backgrounds thoroughly checked.

Foster Parenting is a Scheme to Make Money

Finally, it should be noted that while most foster parents do receive some kind of stipend from the state, it’s rarely enough to cover the costs of raising a child. In fact, many foster parents deal with major extra costs during the school year and holidays and do so in order to give their charges a better chance at having a normal childhood.

Foster care is never an easy system to navigate, nor are the lives of the children in it always perfect. Understanding the truth of the system, though, does make it easier to help. There are many ways that the average person can reach out to help those in the foster care system – especially once they know the truth about how the system works.

How Two Way Radios Are Used for Business Communications

Keeping the lines of communication open is vital when it comes to running your business. Accidents can happen, revenue is lost and projects come apart without it. The use of two-way radios is one way to improve this critical element inside your company. Let’s look at the benefits to using two-way radio communication for business.

Constant Coworker Access

Phone communication often results in being placed on hold or even consistent drops into a coworker voicemail.

No one likes to waste time trying to get into contact with other employees. Some coworkers start making judgment calls on whether it’s truly important to talk to other coworkers. The result is a lack of communication that costs the business revenue.

The solution is two-way radio communication. It opens up instant communication between coworkers. Your employees will feel encouraged to make the call when they know they’ll get an immediate answer.

Reach Your Entire Team on One Call

Large group calls are possible with two-way radios. Think about how long it can take to get 10-15 people into one room for a conference. Simplify the process by using two-way radio technology to hold regular conferences and meetings no matter where everyone is physically located.

Urgent situations are aided by two-radios. Anything that needs instant attention between employees can be addressed on the fly. Everyone on the relevant team gets the message in real time and solutions can be found immediately.

Improved Personnel Coordination

Employees can communicate with one another no matter the time of day or exact work-field location. This type of direct access improves overall efficiency. If you decide to use GPS options some radios come with, then you can help supervisors understand where each team member is at all times.

Use Multiple Communication Methods

Your team doesn’t need to rely only on verbal communication. Text messaging is an option when located in noisy areas or discretion is required.

Effective in Noisy Environments

Some industries have noisy job sites. Two-way radio technology outshines cell phone communication in these settings. It’s difficult to hear on a cell phone when there is extra noise. Two-way radios come with special capabilities to cancel out background noise. This allows for more effective communication in noisy environments.

Improved Safety During High-Risk Situations

Emergency situations is one area where fast communication is critical. A worker in a threatening situation can reach the entire team within seconds. Response times to aid that worker are increased. Another aspect to this is that two-radio communications will remain open in areas where cell phone connections suffer.

The bottom line is that two-way radios offer tremendous advantages to your company’s communication. You’ll benefit from increased efficiency, decreased communication errors and lowered communication costs. The end result is happier employees and improved business revenue.

4 Beauty Products to Buy in Bulk This Season

Stores like BJ’s, Costco and Sam’s Club have become hugely popular over the past two decades. There is a good reason for that, too, as the retailers allow you to buy your favorite products in bulk. If you are a woman, you no doubt have your favorite beauty products. Buying these in bulk this season is wise as well. There are four products, in particular, that you should have in bulk at all times in your home.

Shampoo and Conditioner

An absolutely essential set of beauty products you want to have in bulk are shampoo and conditioner. These either come in sizes that are larger than the average or that include several bottles in one pack. There are plenty of brands available to buy in bulk, and you always want to have at least two or three bottles at home in case you run out. You may even be able to find great shampoo and conditioner bundled together in bulk for all your hair care needs.

Moisturizing Facial Cream

As a woman, moisturizing facial cream is an absolute must-have product. Since this is a product you will be using on a daily basis, twice per day in the morning and at night before bedtime, you should definitely buy it in bulk. You simply can never have too many of your favorite moisturizing facial cream, especially if you are trying to combat wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots under your eyes.

As an added bonus, you might be able to also snag an additional bottle of hand lotion with your go-to facial cream.

Body Wash

Body wash is another beauty product you should stock up on by buying in bulk. Many women swear by their brand of body wash and prefer it over regular bar soap. This is a product that has more than one purpose: it can clean your body, make you smell great and make your skin feel smooth and soft. No wonder it’s a beauty product that you can only benefit from when you purchase it in bulk. You can pick up a three-pack at your favorite price club.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a beauty product you must have this season. It’s actually a great thing to carry around all year long, but in the winter, in particular, lip balm is essential for keeping your lips moist and smooth. You can buy these in bulk as well and save money in the process. Some brands, such as EOS, are sold in two or even three varieties of flavors. You can throw one in your purse and keep one at home to use whenever your lips get dry and chapped.

These are four beauty products you have to buy in bulk this season. You won’t regret having extra in the house.

5 ways a Motivational Speaker Can Help Boosts Your Business

Wondering if your business requires a professional business motivational speaker to enhance its entrepreneurial operations? The answer ought to be yes as statistics show that 60% to 70% of employees in a particular organization are highly disengaged with their assigned roles and responsibilities daily mentally. It’s fundamentally important to hire a business-oriented speaker to enhance your team critically envision enterprise goals, objectives, mission, and ethos.
Let’s closely visualize five ways a motivational speaker can help boost your business.
1. Having A Keynote Speaker On-Board Help Employees Understand Your Commitment On Them
Motivating your people is a unique investment in developing a positive environment in the business. By teaching them, new convention techniques in the workplace industry for their career development shows you care about them. It enhances them to be their own leaders while doing any assigned task, which motivates them to work harder.
2. Change Team Members Thinking Mindsets
Usually, most professional business motivational speakers adeptly understand how to bring a different perspective on what your team thinks and see. By turning their ideas in mind, it replaces complexity with simple approaches and challenges with opportunities. This session will enable your team to keep an open mind while working, by having a positive working perception.
3. Through inspiration and energizing
Professional business motivational speakers are trained on how to bring inspiration, energy, and motivation in a jaded enterprise. They not only revive the working fire of your business team, but they facilitate them in believing in their abilities as well. This is by helping them understand the best way to deal with low working morale and how to talk with fellow team members when not on moods.
4. Teamwork alignment
Hiring a motivational speaker in your business can do a lot when it comes to creating strong team bonding. Here they learn how to work together well by feeling productive. Keynote speaker helps them understand their contribution towards achieving business goals is valued and taken into consideration. This builds a strong sense of commitment.
5. Helps To Break Monotony Of Rigid working routines
For sure, nothing is stressful in business than your employees working under boredom and monotony. However, if this is the situation in your business, an excellent motivational speaker understands how to encourage the workers to perform better in their assigned roles. So, he/she can assist them in how to offer better customer care by initiating discussions amongst themselves of new product ideas.
Sometimes you can’t be a prophet in your own business. So, if you need to inspire your team, come up with new ideas to take your business to the next level, consider using a professional and reputable keynote speaker. The way they commit to every claim is astounding!

How to File a Personal Injury Claim

Sadly, accidents happen all the time. Many are those that are caused by the negligence of another person, such as in a car accident case where the at-fault driver was distracted. If you have been injured as a result, you will want to file a personal injury claim. Of course, it’s important to know how to go about doing that.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Even if you believe your case is straightforward, it’s important to consult with a few personal injury lawyers to ultimately hire one to represent you. While you might think you can save a few dollars and represent yourself, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional. Personal injury attorneys know everything about the law and can advise you on the best course of action to take in your case. You also have a much better chance of a favorable outcome with a lawyer on your side.

Another good reason to hire a personal injury attorney is that they work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay them unless you win your case.

See if Insurance Covers the Accident

In many instances, the at-fault party’s insurance policy may cover the damages in your personal injury claim. This is often the case in a situation involving a car accident or slip and fall injury claim. If the defendant has an auto insurance policy or liability coverage in the event of a slip and fall on their property. Of course, if insurance is in place to compensate you in your personal injury claim, your attorney should handle all communications with a representative from the insurance company.

However, there may be times when insurance isn’t enough to fully compensate you. It’s important to know that in that scenario, you may have to rely on your own insurance policy to cover the rest of the costs, such as if you were in a car accident and the at-fault driver is underinsured.

Decide Whether to File a Lawsuit

More often than not, personal injury claims reach a settlement before they ever get to trial. However, there are some exceptions where the at-fault party or their insurance company offer an unsatisfactory settlement amount or refuse to pay at all. If that occurs, your personal injury attorney can persuade you to file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

Your personal injury attorney can start by filing a lawsuit against the individual or their insurance company. However, if that fails, the best option is to file a complaint in the local branch of your state’s civil court. In that situation, you will have to be mindful of the statute of limitations for filing. In most states, you have two years from the date of the injury to file your lawsuit with the court. This is another reason why having a personal injury lawyer is so crucial.

These tips show you how to file a personal injury claim. Always do your homework so you can follow the proper procedures and get the best possible outcome in your case.