Give Your Dad Another Cap- Why He Loves Collecting Them from You

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Shopping for dad can be difficult, this is something that everyone knows. But is might not be as difficult as it seems if you know the right thing to get him. See, what makes gift giving hard when it comes to getting something for your dad hard is not the fact that you don’t know what to get him. It’s that you don’t know what to get him that he will get use out of. Dads are, for the most part, pretty simple men. They don’t do much, maybe they like to grill and cook, in this case you can get him some pans and a new spatula. Maybe he likes sports and you can get him a jersey. But something that all Dads have in common and something they will all get use out of, even if it doesn’t seem like it, is a cap. Let me tell you why.

See, all dads, like mentioned before, are simple men. They like what they like and they’re happy with that. But not all dads are the same, they all like different things and it can be hard to buy something for him if you aren’t sure exactly what he wants. If he likes to cook, you can’t be sure if he needs a new spatula or a new pan, if he likes sports you have to find out if he needs a new football or a new jersey of his favorite player. But if you get him a hat, you just need to find a logo that relates to the thing that he likes. This makes the cap the perfect gift for your dad.

In fact, caps are such a popular gift that never go out of style, he probably already owns a ton of them and has a collection in the closet or the garage. This doesn’t make the gift less meaningful, it actually makes it more valuable. This is because he isn’t just collecting these hats because he’s tired of wearing them, he’s collecting them so that when he passes on, you have something to remember him by. You can pass the hats down to your kids or your grand kids and his memory will live on in those hats. You can tell stories about each hat that he has because each one will hold a different meaning. Maybe he got a hat after you were born, maybe you gave him one after his 50th birthday. All of this is meaningful to him.

So, if you aren’t sure what kind of gift to give to your dad, head to your local Cap shop because no matter what kind of cap you pick, he is sure to love it.

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