How Custom Challenge Coins Can Motivate Participants

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If you have a crew in your team that is incredibly working together and you wish to keep the pace, then you might face it difficult on how to motivate them. We can’t deny that participants in any working team boost their morale through recognition. Do you that, according to research, 51% of team participants become motivated through custom coin challenge recognition?
1. Symbolic show of new rank in the team
Many times custom challenge coins awards are used as a crucial way of assigning new ranks. This is to make the participant feel associated with higher team members for pride and trust. If a participant has been actively delivering in the team with less supervision, then it is the teams’ management obligation to motivate him/her. This is for greater team betterment in the future. So, for any team, it is necessary to reward participants with custom coins when assigning new responsibilities and roles for respect and recognition.
2. Custom coins are adorable and attractive
If, at some point in your life, you were given a custom challenge coin, then chances are high; you looked attractive, and you will never forget the moment. Custom challenge coins are necessarily not only used in the militia but can be used at any team for different reasons. They are ideal tools when it comes to the promotion and marketing of services and goods. Psychologically custom coins are designed to attract people’s interest in particular goods and services. This is prevalent to newly hired marketing members to enhance customer attraction towards what they are selling. Generally, at the marketing level, custom challenge coins are etched with purpose, name of the member, and contact number. The moment the member makes sales from having an attractive custom challenge coin, he/she will be motivated in the team to make as many sales as possible.
3. Positive feedback and encouragement from colleagues
Custom challenge coins in a team act as a true depiction of hard work and commitment to the work at hand. When the team member wears the coins, everyone will love to associate himself or herself with the recognized participant for hard work and impact on the team. Rest assured, if the participant receives sincere and specific comments on the impact of action in the team, he/she will feel motivated to keep pushing on the efforts harder.
The psychology behind custom challenge coins shows that they depict more gratitude for good work done compared to other gifts. So, if you have not yet used custom challenge coins, its high time you come up with the best design to represent your team. Rest assured, this is something your team will hold on to for motivation in the rest of their lives!

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