How to Catch Fish in Bulk

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In order to catch fish in bulk, you must use a fishing net and proper bait. The bait will lure fish to your fishing spot, and the net will help you capture all of the fish using one strategic swoop. If you don’t know how to capture fish without using a fishing pole, the net tactics in this guide can help.

Bait and Net Requirements

The best bait options to use with a fishing net are worms that are alive. The fishing net must have enough room for various worms and many possible fish, so invest in a netting product that’s six to eight feet wide.

Cast Net Steps

A cast net has multiple parts, and each component has a purpose. The handline is basically a rope piece; it has a loop that wraps around your wrist. You’ll find the horn along the top of the net. This is a circular piece that’s constructed out of plastic. Cast net manufacturers use the horn to divide the braille lines that are scattered through the net. Near the bottom of the net, there is a lead line, which is a weight that helps the net drop underwater quickly.

The first thing you need to identify is the lead line. Ensure that it isn’t jumbled with the braille lines. Also, if any part of the net is connected together, implement procedures to straighten out the mesh so that the entire net will open properly.

Prepare the Rope

At this point, grab the net, and open it until it forms a pancake shape. This configuration will help you catch a lot of fish underwater. Next, strategically secure the loop around your wrist. Now, create giant loops by coiling the handline using your back-hand. Then, grab the horn, and create one big coil. Finally, firmly grip the fishing net slightly below your waist.

Use Weights

While holding the cast net, hover the mesh above the ground, and carefully equip the weights. To simplify this process, toss two lead line strands over your shoulder.

Launch the Net

After the weights are secure, you can toss the net into the water to catch some fish. However, if you want to increase your chances of success, use a fish finder on your boat. This tactical fishing tool locates fish underwater by detecting energy pulses. If a school of fish is nearby, the fish finder’s sonar will pinpoint the location on its convenient display panel.

If you want to capture fish in bulk, you’ll need a large net and a fish finder. You’ll also need patience since you may not catch many fish immediately. With practice and patience, you’ll frequently haul tons of fish on your boat.

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