How to Insulate A Crawl Space On A Budget

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Though you may not see it, insulation is an important element for your home. Without its ability to regulate heat and cold your home would become uncomfortable. In addition, your heating and cooling bills would significantly increase.

No matter if you have an attic or a crawlspace above the upper-floor ceiling, this is where much of the insulation will be layered. In this case, here are tips to insulate a crawl space on a budget.

Figure out the desired thickness
The required insulation depends on where you live and how much insulation currently exists. Sub-tropical regions like Florida require less insulation regardless if the crawlspace is unprotected or not. Areas in the upper-half of the U.S. require a thicker layer to properly seal the area from both cold and humidity.

An alternative option is to contact your utility company and request an energy audit. In turn, they’ll send out a representative to review your current insulation and energy consumption. When done, they can provide recommendations on the type and thickness of insulation to use.

Roll-out or foam insulation
There are two types of home insulation on the market — roll-out or foam. The roll-out version could be more economical for this installation as it costs between 12 and 16 cents per square foot. As long as you don’t require a heavy thickness you can purchase a small amount of fiberglass or cellulose insulation for your crawl space.

On the other hand, foam is easier to use to properly coat this area. It costs more due to the machinery needed to spray the foam. Yet, the return on investment may be greater as you don’t need to move through the space.

Insulate around the crawl space
If you budget is as small as your crawl space, then there may be an insulation alternative. You can insulate between the crawl space’s joists that make up the area’s floor and the ceiling. Another option is to provide extra insulation inside the walls.

In either case, you want to spray foam insulation around all corners of the crawl space’s opening. This creates a tight seal to keep excessive heat or cold from seeping into the rest of the house.

Re-insulate the rest of your home
To further enhance the budget, check the insulation in the rest of your home. This helps block heat and cold from seeping down from the upper floors. Add new weather stripping to doors and windows and spray foam insulation inside light switches and electrical outlets. These items are inexpensive and only take a few minutes to install.

Insulation is a must, no matter the size of your budget. By implementing these tips, you can keep your home comfortable and your bills low.

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