How to Use Wood Planters to Decorate Your Windows

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Wood planters are often used for growing flowers and then positioned in your yard so that they receive enough sunlight and rain. Smaller planters can be designed to decorate your windows, adding vibrant colors that pair well with the shutters of your home and other details. There are a few ideas that you can make yourself if you want to get a little creative with the overall design of the planters before attaching them to the windows of your home.

If you want a simple design, then paint a wood planter a neutral color. White tends to work best as it’s a beautiful background for the colors of flowers that you plant. Since the design is simple and easy to put together, you can attach the planter to every window of your home if you want. If you have older wooden windows, then you can update the frame with a little paint and a few details to make a planter that you can hang outside your home along the windows.

A way to blend wooden planters with the exterior of your home to make it look like flowers are growing right from the window is to use the same color on the planter as the outside of your house. If you want more of an elegant appearance on the planters, then use a darker color of paint with a high gloss. When the sun shines on the planter, it creates a brilliant shimmer against the window.

Potted flowers can be placed in a planter outside of your windows as well. Cut holes in a long piece of wood that are the same size as the flower pots. Paint the wood in a color that matches the pots that contain the flowers. For smaller windows, you can use repurposed gutters. Cut the section of the gutter that you’re going to use at each end so that it’s smooth. Attach a piece of plastic or a piece of wood at the ends to contain the dirt that you’ll fill the gutter with. Next, plant flowers or even herbs in the section of the gutter before hanging it on a window.

Old dresser drawers can be used as wood planters as well. Paint the drawers as needed to match the colors of the flowers that are used or the exterior of your home. Keep the hardware on the drawers for a unique appearance. Another option would be to get hardware that matches the door handles on the outside of your home.

If you want to add a few creative details to the exterior of your home, then consider the numerous wood planter ideas that you can design. Although wood is a popular material to use for planters and easy to paint or add details to, you can also use other types of materials including repurposed plastic. When installing the planters on your windows, make sure they aren’t too heavy because you don’t want them to pull the frame of the window or begin to fall as the flowers begin to grow.

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