The Differences Between Glass and Plastic E-Liquid Bottles

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There is a continuing debate over what type of bottle is best for storing e-juice. Is a glass or plastic bottle better and why? Each has their pros and cons depending on its use so it will always just be a matter of opinion.

The only real difference between the two is the materials – glass or plastic. One may affect taste of the e-juice; the other does not. One is more durable; the other is not, and other pros and cons with each bottle.

Why a Glass E-juice Bottle May Be Better


  1. Glass bottles do not contain chemicals that will adversely affect the juice.
  2. Glass doesn’t absorb any residual odors or tastes of the e-liquid.
  3. They’re safe to put into a dishwasher and you can tell when they are clean.

Today, many vape shops put their larger e-liquids in a glass bottle with a dropper lid. The e-liquid seems to stay fresh during storage and the dropper makes it easy to draw the liquid out and refill a vape tank.


  1. A glass e-juice bottle may break or crack if you drop it.
  2. Because of the heavier weight than a plastic bottle, shipping costs are higher if you purchase your supply online.

Why a Plastic E-liquid Bottle May Be Better


  1. Although plastic bottles may contain a chemical known as BPA, they still release fewer carcinogens into the environment, making them a better choice for consumers who are environmentally friendly.
  2. Plastic bottles are lighter in weight so they require fewer raw materials for manufacturing. In effect, plastic bottles use less energy to manufacture as well.
  3. Because plastic bottles are lighter, they do not cost as much to ship, thereby lowering the costs to consumers.
  4. Plastic bottles are less likely to break, shatter or crack if dropped. If a needle-nose tip in attached to the top of the bottle, you only need to squeeze the bottle a bit to drip e-liquid into your tank.


  1. Over time, plastic bottles may degrade, weakening along the seams and start to leak. If you squeeze the bottle to refill your tank and the seams are weakened, the bottle will spring a leak.
  2. Plastic bottles may tend to leach into the e-juice when stored for any period of time, which will affect the taste of the liquid. Your juice may not taste as fresh and pure as it was when you first purchased it.
  3. If you buy your e-liquid in a glass bottle but transfer it to a plastic bottle for portability, because of the leaching, you may need to replace the plastic bottle or use a fresh one each time you change flavors.

The Choice Is Yours

Either a glass or plastic bottle is fine for storing your e-liquid. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you use it. While they are made from different materials, there really is no difference in how they store your e-liquid.

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