When Should You Change Your Oil Filter

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Many people may not realize it, but oil changing is considered the most important maintenance service for their vehicles. The engine’s lifeblood is the engine oil that provides smooth lubrication for the engine.

The oil filter, on the other hand, keeps the engine oil clean and debris-free. It protects the engine from damageable contaminants, including metallic particles, oxidized oil, dirt, and more.

If you don’t get your oil changed on a regular basis, you will risk severe engine damage. Also, if you don’t change your oil filter regularly, it will become clogged and oil won’t be able to pass into the engine.

Oil Changing Tips

Now that it is established on how crucial regular oil changes are, it is imperative to learn more about it. Thus, the following includes several oil changing tips:

1. Using synthetic oil is better.

Using synthetic oil is better than regular oil because it is more distilled and refined. You can extend the oil filter’s effectiveness and life by utilizing synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is also more cost-effective.

2. You should always replace the oil filter when you get the oil changed.


3. Always use the replacement oil with the required specifications for your car.


4. Ensure there are no leaks.

You can do this by running the vehicle for a few minutes after getting your oil changed.

5. Experts recommend replacing the oil and filter every four months or every 5,000 miles.

There is usually a maintenance schedule provided by the vehicle’ manufacturer to follow.

6. Immediately get your car inspected, if you see any fluids in the driveway.


7. Don’t drive the vehicle with low engine oil.

Otherwise, you can severely damage your engine.

8. Don’t drive your car when the engine or oil light is on.

There are various reasons why the service engine light comes on. Many times, a lot of debris and grime is usually circulating in your engine. Your oil filter could clog up faster than usual with much debris and grime. So, before paying costlier prices for diagnostics and repairs, it is best to check cheaper and simpler options.

9. Change your oil more frequently when regularly driving in severe conditions.

When you drive in severe conditions quite often, your engine will work harder. Severe conditions include towing heavy loads, stop-and-go traffic, extreme weather conditions/temperatures, etc. A harder working engine leads to more frequent maintenance, such as the oil filter.

The Bottom Line

Regular oil changes and oil filter replacements are crucial for the lifeline of your engine. Never take this simple and affordable yet extremely important car maintenance for granted. And using the tips above will ensure you won’t do that.

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