Which Wing Flavors Are Most Popular

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It doesn’t matter whether you like chicken wings as an appetizer or for an entrée. This is definitely one of the most popular menu items in restaurants. Their popularity is partly related to the diverse ways that wings can be cooked. It is possible to order them roasted, deep-fried, or sautéed. Along with being able to order them cooked in different ways, fans also get a choice of flavors.

Don’t forget about the size of these wings, as well. There are people who prefer the miniature version over full-sized chicken wings. These also are found typically based upon the city or state that you may be in. Restaurants that allow customers to participate in designing their flavors get a lot of attention. This process simply means that you choose a regular flavor and add a sweet or spicy sauce to it.

Here are some of the most popular flavors that wing eaters like:

1 – Citrus-Brined Wings

According to Eater L.A., the city of Los Angeles is one of the best places to find tasty wing flavors like Citrus-Brined chicken wings. This particular flavor has a southeastern Asian flare and is served with a charred lime. They offer the crispiness that wing eaters love with just a hint of heat. These wings are considered more of a dry version of the dish. Most restaurants will have a selection of dipping sauces.

2 – Sweet & Savory Wings

Rachael Ray Magazine presents Sweet & Savory Wings as a flavor that appeals to dual taste buds. The sweetness here comes from the use of pineapple juice. Soy sauce is the ingredient that is responsible for the savory note. Unlike similar dishes, these wings are neither breaded nor fried. The seasoning and the supplemental sauce are the stars of the show. Buttermilk ranch is a dipping sauce suggestion for these.

3 – Buffalo Wings

This choice may be the most popular for chicken wings and is ordered more than other flavors. The top two ingredients for these are hot sauce and vinegar. Some restaurant cooks prefer one brand of hot sauce to another. Texas Pete is one of the most commonly used for preparing these wings, which are served with a dipping sauce. They may be baked or deep friend depending on the restaurant.

4 – Smoked BBQ Wings

These are delicious wing options found in North Carolina, Tennessee, and various other states. The smoke flavor often comes from a rub that is used during the marinade process. There are two options when it comes to the use of BBQ sauce. This may be added during the cooking of the wings or as a dipping sauce. Smoked BBQ Wings can be ordered crispy, baked, sweet, or spicy.

Many people who enjoy eating chicken wings have a spice preference. Sweet and spicy flavors coupled together are definitely some of the most popular. Along with having a flavor preference, wing eaters usually like one way of cooking these over another. Some like baked wings that have no breading and are not fried. Deep-fried wings are extremely preferred by many and included on restaurant menus around the country.

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