Who Addiction Really Hurts

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Some people are under the impression that addiction is a victimless crime. However, if you look closely, you can see that the effects of drugs addiction touch many other people, too. Here are just some of the people who are hurt by addiction.


Your addiction hurts your family more than anyone else. If your family knows about your problem, it can cause them numerous sleepless nights of worry. They may also use their resources to get you the help you need. These resources that they worked hard for can be used for themselves. Finally, your addiction will prevent you from being there for you family in the way you should be. You may miss events and not call enough. In some cases, your addiction may even cause you to steal from them.


Your addiction also hurts your friends. You aren’t able to be there as a friend. You also may be a bad influence on those people in your friend group who have their own propensity toward addiction. Your addiction prevents you from being a positive influence and a good support system.


Everyone needs to contribute to society in some way. Some people become electricians or servers or factory workers. Whatever you do to do your part and help people, there are people relying on you. Your addiction will not allow you to be the best employee. You may miss shifts, causing other to cover your slack. If you do show up, you probably won’t be as present.


We all have a responsibility to help the advancement of society. If we are too caught up in drugs, we won’t have the time, energy, or mental capacity to do the things we would otherwise do to help. Plus, supporting the drug trade hurts your neighborhood. Drug dealers can hurt kids or bring them into a world of crime. It could also make your neighborhood more violent.


The main person you hurt with your addiction is yourself. You are hurting your body, your familial relationships, your professional relationships, you may even end up in jail. If you allow your addiction to get bad enough, you may even end up in a casket.

Addiction hurts you. However, it also hurts the people around you. If you can admit to yourself that you have a problem, you should talk to someone about a treatment program that could work for you.

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