3 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Barre

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In the past few years, barre fitness has taken over the exercise world. These classes, mostly marketed toward women, combine Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves to create a long, lean body. Exercises are mostly done with body weight but sometimes use very light dumbbells to provide extra resistance. By following the exercise moves with lots of stretching, barre lengthens and strengthens legs, butt, abs, and arms for a look that is strong but not bulky. A series of small, precise movements that target just one muscle group at a time are usually repeated until you can’t possible do more, fatiguing the muscles to burn major calories without high impact.

1. It Doesn’t Take Long

Sweating it out in the gym for hours on end isn’t always necessary in order to burn a crazy amount of calories. A good barre instructor can have you shedding hundreds of calories in just a regular hour-long class. A highly-trained instructor knows how to tire out your muscles and help you burn calories even during your rest periods. You will also improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and even that mind-body connection in just one class. Check out your trainer’s credentials before choosing a barre studio for maximum results!

2. There’s No Actual Dancing

Despite the fact that barre fitness classes are loosely based on ballet, you likely won’t do any dancing. Cardio dance classes focus on getting your heart rate up while teaching you choreography. Instead, barre is more focused on the stretching and warmup moves done by ballerinas when they are rehearsing. In fact, barre fitness is not a cardio workout in any way. But don’t be fooled! With tough exercises that will have your muscles shaking, you will definitely be huffing and puffing by the end of the class! Barre is the perfect way to get your sweat on without the damaging impact of running or jumping.

3. Anyone Can Do It

What makes barre fitness so popular is that anyone can do it. Because you do small, simple movements with just your body weight, these classes are ideal for any fitness level. You just do as much as your body can, then push yourself to do more each time as you get stronger. Barre also doesn’t require any fancy equipment so it’s easy to understand and even replicate your workouts at home.

Barre fitness is amazing because makes the long, strong ballerina body accessible to everyone. You’ll quake and sweat and feel amazing afterwards! Check it out if you want to work towards perfect posture and sleek muscles.

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