4 Different Types of Commercial Picnic Tables

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When selecting picnic tables for commercial use, longevity is the first thing to consider. Products used commercially often get a lot of wear and tear, so picking out tables made from quality material will be essential. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Here are four types of commercial picnic tables to consider.

1. Steel and Aluminum

Many of the manufacturers coat their steel and aluminum picnic tables with plastic. The coating makes the seating area comfortable and cooler in the hot sun, and it gives some cushion to the table. The plastic coating is available in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, yellow, and red. Stainless steel is a good choice for outdoor furniture because it can stand up to harsh environments. The legs are hollow, and the tops and seat are not a solid surface but formed in a criss-cross pattern to allow for air circulation, and it makes the table somewhat lighter. The steel tables come in six and eight feet lengths as well as circular configurations.

2. Plastic

Plastic tables are lightweight, and the molds make the seat and tabletop look like wood in some models. The heavy-duty plastic is often recycled material and resistant to rot. The plastics have UV ratings, which help protect against sun warping and damage. The table and chairs attach to each other with plastic legs, but the legs, support beams, tabletop, and chairs screw together with stainless steel bolts and washers. Outdoor soap and water can rinse the surface clean, and you never have to repaint the finish.

3. Concrete

Table setups made from concrete are usually permanent. Companies use concrete molds to form them, and they come in various patterns, such as round or rectangle. They can also dye the concrete, so the tables are not always gray. Some of the other colors available are shades of brown and red. The finish is smooth because of the grade of concrete and the final coat of sealant. These tables are tough, easy to maintain, and nearly indestructible.

4. Fiberglass

Tables made from fiberglass most often have aluminum or stainless steel legs and supports. Fiberglass makes up the top and seat. The material is lightweight, pest resistant, and sturdy. Fiberglass comes in many colors. Because of this, you often see them at children’s playgrounds. The seats and top stay cooler than the metal tables. As with the other tables, maintenance is relatively easy and only involves an environmentally safe cleaner and water.

These four types of commercial picnic tables are durable and user-friendly. All of the materials are easy to clean and resistant to pests and rot. Each company offers various colors, and traditional long benches and round patterns.

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