4 Important Qualities to Look for in a Water Bottle

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Being active starts with being hydrated. If you’re looking for the best traits in finding a new water bottle, well you’re in luck. We have compiled a list of the top four traits that every reusable water bottle should have.

#1 – The Size

This one should be fairly obvious as you need a water bottle that has the capacity to hold enough water for your preferred activity. Most water bottles come in 16 or 32 ounce capacity. For those who use their water bottle at their desk where they have free access to more water, you can go with the lighter 16 ounces.

For those who don’t have direct access to water throughout the day, 32 ounce capacity is recommended. If you are active on the weekend with long hikes or bicycle rides but spend most of your day in an office, you may want to purchase both sizes. The savings you will get from not shelling out money each week at the grocery store on bottle water will typically pay for both reusable bottle sizes within the first month and will be safer for the environment.

#2 – The Material

This is always a highly debated fact when it comes to reusable water bottles. Plastic bottles are typically lighter in weight and are more durable. The heavier stainless steel bottles do dent more easily, however, they’re typically insulated. This means that you can keep your water cool for many hours as compared to it getting warm with the plastic bottles.

One other thing to consider with plastic bottles is the use of bisphenol A (BPA). We’re sure you’ve read one of those headlines saying ‘don’t reuse plastic bottles because it will leak chemicals into your water’. This is true in the case of BPA. However, many bottle manufacturers make their bottles without BPA for this purpose. If you decide to go with a plastic bottle be sure the label says BPA-Free.

#3 – The Lid

Bottles come with an array of accesses to get your water out. These include screw-on caps, pop-out nozzles, and flip-out sips. The types of activity that you use your water bottle for will decide which type of lid you need.

For those who constantly sip from their bottle throughout the day, a flip-out sip lid is probably the way to go. For those who do some rugged hiking, it may be more idea to have a screw-on cap where you can ensure your water won’t leak out if the bottle gets dropped. For activities like biking, you may prefer a nozzle lid that is easy to access while you’re still moving.

#4 – The Shape

This trait will be highly dependable on the activity which you will primarily be using your water bottle for. Slender bottles that are lighter in weight may be an ideal choice for drinking at a desk. The heavier bottles that are bulkier are ideal for hiking as they hold more liquid and keep it cooler for longer. The best shape for you will vary depending on your activities and you may find that purchasing more than one bottle is your best option.

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