4 Low-Cost Ways to Use Christmas Lights for Wedding Decorations

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One of the most exciting wedding trends of the last few years has been the use of Christmas lights as decor. These lights are incredibly affordable and provide tons of drama to any space. The soft light that they provide creates a feeling of intimate ambiance that you simply can’t get with other types of lighting.

In addition to being cheap, Christmas lights are also incredibly versatile. You can string them practically anywhere. Here are our four favorite uses for Christmas lights when it comes to wedding decor.

1. The Ceremony Arch

The arch that is placed behind the couple during the ceremony is meant to be dramatic. It frames the couple and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Many people choose to decorate this arch with flowers and garlands. However, this can get very expensive.

Luckily, Christmas lights can provide the same amount of drama without breaking the bank. Simply wrap several strands of these lights around the arch along with some pastel-colored tulle to create a dreamy backdrop for this incredibly meaningful moment. The soft light of the Christmas lights will add a warm and intimate glow to match what is perhaps the most intimate moment of a couple’s life.

2. Outdoor Trees

If you are having an outdoor wedding in an area that is surrounded by trees, consider stringing Christmas lights around all of the branches. When your guests approach the reception area, they will feel like they are walking into an enchanted forest.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, hang meaningful photographs from the lights. Simply attach clothespins to the strands of the lights and use them to hold photos of important friends and family or of the two of you throughout the years.

3. Centerpieces

If the look that you’re going for is rustic chic, look no further than Christmas lights when it comes to creating centerpieces. Today, you can get Christmas lights that are battery-operated. Simply stuff strands of the lights into mason jars and place the jars in the center of each table. The glow that comes from the lights will be warm and intimate.

4. Cake Backdrop

Wedding cakes can cost as much as $1,200 thanks to all of the time and labor involved. Needless to say, something this expensive deserves a breathtaking backdrop. Why not create a DIY Christmas light backdrop for your cake?

Simply attach a few yards of blush or white tulle to a pole and hang it behind the cake. Then, behind the tulle, drape long strands of Christmas lights to illuminate the space.
With today’s average wedding costing almost $40,000, Christmas lights offer an affordable alternative to decor items that can seriously bloat your budget.

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