4 Occasions to Hire a Videographer

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, than a video must be worth a million! Capturing a quality video of your event is the perfect way to relive that experience again and again.

As valuable as a video is, sometimes people aren’t sure when to splurge and hire a professional. Here are four occasions when it is absolutely worth it to do so.

1. Your Wedding

Did you know that 35% of couples say their biggest wedding regret is not having a videographer? While photos may capture the general aesthetic of the day, a video will allow you to revisit your favorite moments again and again – your vows, your first dance, or the toasts from your loved ones. You will also value having video footage of older friends and family members who may not always be around. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so capture it well!

2. Graduation Day

Whether it’s your own or a family member’s, any graduation day is a special celebration that you’ll want to remember forever. Have a professional videographer attend the ceremony to capture footage of the main event – you’ll be glad you sprang for a high quality video when you see other people’s blurry cell phone pictures. Then have a gathering with your loved ones to celebrate! Having a videographer capture the joy of this important day will allow you to revisit those positive feelings any time.

3. Corporate Events

If your company is hosting a large event or conference, chances are that not all of your employees will be able to attend. Having a videographer present to capture keynote speakers and important meetings will ensure that everyone is brought up to speed. This video can also serve as a future recruitment tool, allowing you to show prospective employees what they can expect by joining your company. Having a professional there to capture the scene allows management to relax and focus on running the event smoothly.

4. Employee Training

It can get tiring to train new employees again and again, especially when many of the general principles remain the same. You can save your company a lot of time by hiring a videographer to put together a professional training video. In fact, research has shown that employees are 75% more likely to watch a training video than to read the information. It’s a one-time cost that makes everyone’s lives easier!

No matter what the occasion, having a videographer capture your event is sure to enhance the experience all around. Don’t miss out on capturing the valuable things in life.

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