4 Reasons Why Cuban Cigars Really Are Worth the Money

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Since the Cold War-era blockade went into effect, there’s been a very specific mystique surrounding Cuban cigars. While long a favorite of smokers before the ban, they’ve acquired a quasi-mythical status in the years since. Though many have tried to replicate the taste and texture, there’s still a school of thought that claims there’s nothing quite like a Cuban cigar. Now that restrictions have been eased on the cigars, it’s time to look at how these cigars really have kept their value.

The Status Factor

Perhaps the honest reason why Cuban cigars cost so much – and indeed, why they are worth so much – is that they still have an incredible amount of prestige in the tobacco world. These cigars have long been thought to be the best of the best, something that’s long been coupled with the appeal of the forbidden fruit. Having one of these cigars shows that you’re a person of means and – perhaps more importantly – that you place a premium on the company of those with whom you share the cigars.

Emerging Trends

Time did not stop in Cuban simply because trade was restricted with Cuba. The Cuban cigar industry has continued to move forward, further refining the traditionally fantastic cigars as time went by. What you’re seeing now are Cuban cigars that benefit from the same advances in tobacco cultivation and manufacturing that the competition has used for years, now coupled with some of the finest craftsmanship in the world. Today’s Cuban cigars are worth the money because they really are among the best produced.

International Appeal

There’s also a certain amount of international appeal that comes with smoking Cuban cigars. While Americans were not able to buy them for decades, that didn’t stop much of the rest of the world. If you can buy a Cuban cigar today, you’re actually getting an amazing value because you’re no longer paying the extreme prices – nor battle the legal issues – that were required for those who wanted one of these cigars even a decade ago.

Still a Limited Supply

Finally, it’s important to remember the law of supply and demand. While you can get great Cuban cigars when you visit Cuba today, you can’t buy them in the United States. That makes them fairly precious, especially among those without the time or ability to get to Cuba themselves. There’s something special about any item that you can’t get with overnight shipping these days, and thus Cuban cigars maintain a great deal of social and monetary value.

Cuban cigars are valuable items for collectors, smokers, and those who want to show off for friends. They’re hard to get, but they’re also better than ever. These are truly cigars that are worth every penny.

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