4 Reasons You Should Always Background Screen Your Candidates

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If you are like most of today’s employers, you’re already basing at least some of your employment decisions on background check results. Whether you already have a program in place and are looking to improve it, or you’re just starting out, consider these four reasons to check employees’ backgrounds.


Background Checks Create Happier, Safer, and More Productive Workplaces


Because the hiring process is focused on human beings, there’s always the potential for error. However, with a solid background checking plan in place, many of these risks can be reduced or eliminated. As an employer, it’s your job to reduce the risk of disruptive or violent workplace behavior while looking for workers who can make positive contributions. With background checks, you’ll find it easier to identify character traits that promote a safe, happy work environment.


Reducing the Likelihood of a Negligent Hiring Lawsuit and Promoting a Stronger Defense


Negligent hiring claims are very costly, corrosive to the corporate culture, and damaging to your reputation. Background checks reduce the chances of having to deal with negative publicity due to inappropriate employee actions. Furthermore, they establish an important affirmative defense by demonstrating your due diligence during the hiring process.


Helping You Meet Clients’ Requirements and Follow Regulations


The Federal government, most states, and many partners expect employers to be able to verify employees’ security credentials and other qualifications. In some instances, the law explicitly defines its compliance requirements, and it’s crucial that you know them. Compliance is a difficult issue because local and state laws allow employers to disregard certain applicants, which may occur in conflict with Federal anti-discrimination laws. In these cases, Federal law trumps state law, which means that your employment screening process must meet opposite demands. With a quality background checking process, you can select the right candidates from the beginning and it’s easier to prove that you’ve remained in compliance.


Reducing the Risk of Fraud or Theft by Screening Employees for Certain Factors


Employee theft and fraud are extremely costly to companies of all sizes. For instance, in the retail setting, theft-related losses are the main cause of inventory loss. While it’s impossible to predict every person’s behavior, history cannot be ignored. Rather than relying on your intuition, use a background check to find out about an employee’s past.


To make good hiring decisions, you need the right information. A thorough background checking program will identify potential employees’ high-risk traits and behaviors. In the end, such a program will help you choose the right candidates for your company.

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