4 Signs Your Yard Needs a Retaining Wall

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A well built and placed retaining wall can serve so many purposes in a yard, but most of all they add structure to the overall landscape. Everything from erosion prevention to easy access within the yard are reasons to invest the time and money into building a retaining wall around your home. These four signs in your yard are clear indications that the landscape would benefit from a retaining wall.

Poor Water Drainage
Standing water in the lawn, both in grassy areas or gardens, is a clear sign of poor drainage that can be remedied with a retaining wall. When you install the wall, whether it is one layer or more, drainage can be added and porous materials can be used to allow water to move freely. This will improve the soil, reduce the amount of dead growth and mud, and even prevent bugs from breeding.

Eroding Soil
If there are any areas in your yard that experiences soil erosion, you need to add a retaining wall. Erosion, no matter how minor, needs to be dealt with to ensure that the yard and your home remain structurally sound. As erosion progresses, you lose more than soil because there is less ground to work with and the plants and trees that do exist in these areas begin to struggle for survival.

Lack of Ground to Garden
If you lack flat ground in your yard so that you can add a garden of any kind, a retaining wall can fix that. Even the most basic wall can raise the level of your yard, creating a flat area that can be planted with a garden ready to tend. The wall will not only provide you a flat area to work on, but keeps the soil from washing away due to erosion and prevents it from becoming too waterlogged to plant in.

Your Foundation is Showing Cracks
Cracks in the foundation of your home, or any sinking, is a sure sign that a retaining wall is necessary. Often, homes built on hills will require extra structural support to ensure that the foundation is not impacted.

If any of these signs have come to your attention since purchasing your home, it is time to consider the addition of a retaining wall that is both supportive and visually appealing. Make sure you consider all your options to determine what the best wall for your home should look like and what materials will do the best job. In the end your investment will provide you with a beautifully functioning wall.

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