4 Things To Consider When Building A Food Truck Menu

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There are more people opening food trucks that opening restaurants these days. That’s because a food truck has a lower start-up cost and is less expensive to maintain. To ensure that your food truck is successful, you will need to make sure you have the perfect menu. Here are 4 things to consider when building a food truck menu.

1). Consider The Taste Of Your Customer Base
The first thing you should consider is your potential customer base. Are your customer’s blue-collar construction workers, beachgoers or office workers? Each of these audiences will have a specific taste in food. Also, consider the ethnic make-up of your potential audience. You could have better success offering Latin food to people in a Latin neighborhood or Asian food in an Asian neighborhood.

2). Think of What Is Easy To Make In Volume
You will not want to create menu items that take too long to make. You will also want to consider menu items that you can easily make in volume. Try to come up with menu items that can be completed in less than 60 seconds. That will allow you to handle the potential increase in customer lines.

3). Consider Making Your Version of An Already Successful Menu Item From Other Resturants
One of the best ways to ensure you will get business is to offer menu items that are already working. For instance, Popeye’s recently found success in creating a chicken sandwich. Perhaps a chicken sandwich will work well with your food truck. Check to see what is selling in the most successful restaurants in your area and create your own version of that food.

4). Consider Seasonal Items
Many restaurants will offer seasonal foods that create some variety and publicity as well as extra foot traffic. For instance, if you sell donuts, you can sell Pumpkin Spice donuts during Halloween. If you sell sandwiches, then you can consider selling BBQ pork sandwiches during the summer.

Putting It All Together
Having a successful food truck can become the springboard to creating the next food sensation in your town. The biggest deciding factor in your food truck’s success will be the menu items. Consider your audience, be inspired by menu items that are working for others, consider foods you can create quickly and offer seasonal menu items to give your food truck the ultimate edge.

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