4 Ways to Use Pottery Pieces Around Your Patio

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Pottery pieces are a great way to liven up your patio. No matter the color, shape or style, it’s fun and easy to find pottery you’ll love. Some of the best uses of pottery this season include creating small accents with herbs, maintaining a large plant, and even displaying elegant pottery as art on its own. This helpful guide will show you how to make the most of your pottery in style.

Large Pots and Planters

If you’d like to grow a large plant or tree on the patio, an oversized pot can be just the thing to turn your dream into reality. This is especially helpful when you live in a climate with harsh winters, as you can easily bring your plant indoors during the winter season. When you shop for an oversized planter, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your overall design. From industrial concrete basins to delicate, hand-crafted vessels, pottery can bring a unique atmosphere to your patio decor.


Pottery is a great way to organize all of your odds and ends outdoors. From matches and lighters to gardening tools and pencils, pottery makes for a stylish way to reduce clutter. With an increase in outdoor living, your storage will come in handy on the patio. Whether you set up a shelf with several cute and quirky pots or you simply have a few containers on the table, pottery is the perfect stylish storage solution.

An Elegant Garden

One great way to incorporate pottery on your patio is to nurture small, manageable plants in beautiful pots and ceramicware. From delicious herbs to adorable daisies, pottery makes for the perfect display of quaint plants. Whether you visit your local farmers market or use the pottery you already own, it’s possible to totally transform your patio into a low-maintenance paradise. 2017 is a whole new year with potted plants at your side and on your patio.

Pottery As Art

Pottery can often stand alone as art, so there’s no shame in displaying your beautiful ceramic finds without any added purpose or practical use. Art for its own sake will spruce up your patio into something that stands out. From glazed statement pieces to elegant handmade bowls, gathering an eclectic collection of pottery is both fun and rewarding. With developments in the 3D printing of ceramics, the world is full of even more interesting pottery creations than ever before.

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