5 Benefits of Serving as a Mentor for At-Risk Youth

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What is a mentor? A mentor is an adult person that has what it takes to make a positive difference in the life of a young person. In order to be a good mentor, the qualities you possess include but are not limited to the desire to be in the life of a young person, respectful, willing to be an active listener, have the ability to see possible solutions and all opportunities, and have the ability to have a flexible schedule.

Why Become A Mentor

Becoming a mentor will help out in many ways. Not only for the youth you are a mentor to but yourself and your community. Research has proven time and time again that youth who have a mentor are more likely to do better in all of their relationships, teachers and parents included, and are less likely to skip classes or a day of school.

It is proven also that the youth who have mentors have better self-esteem and are more confident in all that they do. A great mentor-mentee relationship leads to shared opportunities for learning and growing.

How Being A Mentor Can Impact The Daily Life of a Youth

Young kids who have mentors at any time in their young lives are statistically more inclined to stay in school with a more positive attitude. Having a positive role model in their lives who are willing to share life experiences, positive words of encouragement, and help the youth through life challenges does have a huge impact.

The mentors who see their mentees on a regular basis are forty-six percent less likely to use illegal drugs and twenty-seven percent less likely to start drinking. It has been found that these same kids will be around eighty-one percent more likely to participate on a regular basis in extracurricular activities.

Studies have also shown that one of the most important benefits of having a mentor is the reduction in depressive symptoms. This also aids in youth trusting their parents and other adults more. Communication also becomes better for at-risk youth.

How Being A Mentor Can Impact The Career Life of a Youth

The achievement gap has a big impact on all children. Mentors are able to help prepare mentees for life beyond school. They can do this by helping them develop the skills needed for job searches, interviews, and even help set career goals. By helping the youth learn valuable workplace skills, more youth will be more confident going out into the world after school.

Mentors also are able to help the mentees with networking. They can help them get in contact with people who are able to help them start their career and/or get other help with the things they need.

Being a mentor has many great benefits not only for the person who has chosen to be the mentor but also for the mentee and the whole community.

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