5 Common Sport Injuries and How to Prevent Them

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Playing sports provides athletes with fitness and fun. With that being said, sports injuries are common. Many of these injuries can be avoided when preventative measures are taken. Let’s take a look at five of the most common sports injuries and how they can be prevented.

Sprains And Strained Muscles

Perhaps one of the most common types of injuries in sports is sprained ankles and strained muscles. They often occur when an athlete’s muscles are used in a fast stop and go manner. Muscles can be strengthened and trained to help avoid these types of injuries. The key is to use a combination of concentric and eccentric exercises that encourage flexibility along with strength development.

Knee Injuries

Another injury that is seen often in sports is damage to the knees. Dramatic examples have been seen on television during football or soccer games. Other forms take many years of abuse before they become acute. Many doctors and therapists suggest strengthening hamstrings as well as your quads and glutes. This will help prevent bones from moving awkwardly in the joint area and reduce wear over time.

Broken And Fratured Bones

With many sports, especially high impact sports like football, bones can break or become fractured during play. Developing muscle mass helps to prevent these types of injuries as they can absorb greater impacts than undeveloped muscles are capable of. A proper diet can also lessen the chances of breaks and fractures. Diets that supply ample amounts of calcium and vitamin D increase bone density.

Shin Splints

This common injury, especially among amateur athletes, is caused by inflammation around the shin bone. Combining both eccentric and concentric exercises with your calves is a great way to avoid potential issues. Light exercises for the foot can also help. Another trick to consider is making sure that quality footwear that offers proper support can help you avoid this type of injury from occurring in the first place.


Awareness of the severity of concussions has can to the forefront in recent years. Head impacts from sports such as boxing, football, and soccer are common causes of this type of head trauma. Using proper head protection is essential if you wish to avoid a concussion. This equipment should fit snuggly and offer plenty of padding. Another consideration is to learn proper techniques when playing a particular sport that helps to avoid concussions.

Keeping Healthy

Playing sports is a fun way to keep yourself in shape. Sadly, injuries during play are not completely avoidable. However, if you take the steps to condition yourself and to understand the proper methods of play, you reduce your downtime.

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