5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Accounting

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If you’re interested in math and good with numbers, then a career in accounting might be perfect for you. With good pay and ample job openings, the world of accounting offers opportunity and upward mobility. While accounting might not be for everyone, here are five reasons you should consider a career in the field.

Clearly-Defined Career Path

Lots of college degrees leave a recent-graduate thinking, “Okay, so now what?” This is not the case with an accounting degree, which provides clear and reliable steps into the business world. While studying for your degree, you’ll learn skills that you’ll undoubtedly use in your future jobs. This straightforward school-to-job pipeline can eliminate the stress and hand-wringing that often accompanies college graduation.

Plenty of Jobs

People like to say that “money makes the world go round,” and, even if that statement isn’t entirely true, it accurately captures the central role money plays in our society. With so much money changing hands worldwide, there’s always a demand for the people who understand those transactions. Between big accounting firms and smaller companies, there’s plenty of jobs available for a certified accountant.

Upward Mobility

Accounting is a field that provides opportunities for prodigious career advancement. With hard work and determination, an accountant can rise quickly through the ranks at a major firm. The ultimate goal is to become a partner or top-level accountant, which brings greater responsibility but also an impressive paycheck.

Great Pay and Benefits

Accountants generally enjoy levels of financial stability well beyond those of the average American. With a median salary of around $70,000, accountants earn much more than those in many other fields. By rising within a firm or starting a separate business, many accountants earn much more than $100,000 a year. Accountants also receive general benefits, including healthcare, retirement, and paid time off. These benefits are much more than mere perks, allowing accountants to live rich, fulfilling, and healthy lives outside of the workplace.

Flexibility in Location

Accountants offer such a universal skill set that they’re capable of finding work almost anywhere in the world. Jobs might be more prevalent in and around urban centers, but small-town business often need accountants, too. This provides an accountant with plenty of flexibility in deciding where they’ll spend their adult life. From coast to coast, you’ll know you can find a job in a setting that suits you.

Being an accountant is not always easy. The hours can be long and the work is often taxing. With so much to gain, however, a career in accounting is definitely worth considering. If you want a secure, well-paying job with benefits and opportunities, then accounting is a perfect fit.

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