5 Reasons You Should Move to the Gulf Coast

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When it’s time to make a change, there are few better places to consider than the Gulf Coast. It’s a tropical paradise with plenty to do. Here are just 5 of the reasons you should move to the gulf cost.

1. Warm Weather

If you’ve dealt with harsh winters, it’s your time to enjoy some sun. On the Gulf Coast, its is warm and sunny for a majority of the year. You won’t be forced to shovel large amounts of snow, you won’t have to wear heavy jackets, boots, and hats for months of the year, and you won’t slip or fall on any ice. It rarely snows. If the weather gets a little chilly, you know that it will warm up very soon.

2. Lower Taxes

One of the best things about Florida is the low taxes. In Florida, there is no state-wide income tax. You will save money every year in that way. Also, the other taxes in the area, such as property taxes, are significantly lower. On top of that, living expenses in the area are lower than the average for the country. It is the fiscally responsible thing to do to move to paradise.

3. Beaches

Many people enjoy the beach. The air smells better, and there’s something relaxing about sunbathing on the beach with a book all day with your toes in the sand. The beach is more than relaxing. It gives you the opportunity to swim and surf. You may even take a boat out into the water every now and then or go swimming. You also get the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife in the area.

4. Food

The Gulf Coast has some delicious food. Since it’s right by the water, expect to eat plenty of seafood. You will have fish, shrimp, and crab. Of course, there’s way more than that to enjoy. Being close to neighbors to the South, there is also plenty of Mexican and Cuban cuisine to enjoy. There will be some great Cajun food, too. You’ll find plenty of great things to eat.

5. You’ll be on Permanent Vacation

The Gulf Coast has a laid back vibe that will remind you of being on vacation. While on vacation, people tend to be in a better mood, too. Enjoy being in that mindset 24/7.

These are just some of the multiple reasons why people are picking up from home and moving to the Gulf Coast. It’s a lovely place that anyone would be lucky to call home. Talk to a realtor today.

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