5 Themes to Take Your Party to the Next Level

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This is certainly the time of year to plan fabulous parties and to attend fabulous parties. Some of these will have blanket holiday themes, which can get a bit boring year-after-year. If you are a party planning expert, you understand the importance of considering your attendees. This is essential when it comes to selecting a theme. Remember that parties have a purpose for guests, as the New York Times states.

Parties, where there are both adults and children in attendance, may require a bit more thought. You will need activities, games, and food that appeal to these groups. Adults-only parties usually include bar beverages and fun themes. Some even require guests to wear costumes, headgear, and various other items and accessories. It is possible to take your theme to the next level with advanced planning.

Here are 5 Themes to Consider:

1 – Social Media Trends

Red Book Magazine encourages party planners to take a look at social media trends. Seeing what’s hot on platforms like Instagram can help you to settle on a theme for the party. Fashion, movies, activities, and other trending topics may make good themes.

2 – Comic Movie Characters

One idea that never seems to get old is a party that includes comic movie characters. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Marvel fan or a Disney fan. Table cloths, napkins, and guest clothing can work together to create this type of theme.

3 – Nature Setting Inspiration

You might be inspired to plan an island party or a garden party. The time of year or season may play a role in how you plan these theme events. Don’t forget how important your venue selection will be for these nature setting parties.

4 – Food Genre Parties

Vegan and vegetarian food genres are some of the most popular these days. A party designed to promo these foods with a full buffet can be a lot of fun. Tasting parties can be planned throughout the year, even during the holidays.

5 – Combined Holiday Parties

Combining Thanksgiving and Christmas in one terrific party event can be exciting. Many businesses and companies have utilized these events for their employees. Party planners have the opportunity to use colorful and creative décor for these parties. The food selection is another way to make this a standout annual event.

Making a list of the things that you will need for your party is a great idea. Table items, seats, arrangements and things associated with dining are only one area to think about. Catered events will include menus that take attendees into consideration. Your next level party may also have a DJ and dancing. Selecting the right venue for these theme parties is something else to add to your list of things to do.

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