5 Tips for College Students with Storage Needs

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Most college students live in small apartments or dorm rooms where storage space is limited. Especially if you have roommates, storage can be a serious problem. The following tips and tricks will help ensure that you always have enough storage and that your living space stays clutter free and organized.

1. Choose furniture that doubles as storage.

Many furniture pieces double as storage. For example, some coffee tables, couches, chairs and footstools open up to reveal extra storage. These are the furniture pieces that you should be buying. If you don’t have enough money to buy them brand new, consider buying them used from a thrift store.

2. Ask your parents if you can keep some of your things at home.

If you have so much stuff that it won’t fit in your dorm room or apartment, consider asking your parents if you can store some things with them. Most parents have larger homes where they could store some of your things.

3. Rent a storage unit.

If your parents can’t store things for you and you still have too much stuff to keep in your dorm room or apartment, consider renting a storage unit. These aren’t too expensive, and you can keep your things there for as long as you want to continue paying the rental fees.

4. Be organized.

Staying organized as a busy college student may seem like a challenge. But it’s definitely possible, and it’s certainly true that being organized can revolutionize your life. Even if you’re in college and feel like you have no time or money to be organized, there are certain things that you can do to promote organization. First, set aside time each day to clean off your desk and make your bed. Second, set aside time each week to do your laundry and some light cleaning of your dorm room or apartment. Finally, always put things back when you get them out. All of these things will help you stay organized.

5. Get rid of clutter, and don’t buy anymore.

You won’t have a storage problem if you don’t have so many things that you don’t have places to store them. This means that the best answer to a storage problem is getting rid of some of your stuff. There are likely many things that you own that you never or rarely use. Get rid of these things by tossing them, giving them away, recycling them or donating them to charity. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t buy anymore stuff that you won’t end up using.

By using all of the tips above, you’ll be sure to fix your storage problems and help yourself stay more organized and clutter free.

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