5 Tips for Maintaining Your Crawl Space

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Caring for your crawl space is important. It impacts the air quality in the home, the HVAC system, and even the heating and cooling costs you’ll endure. Maintaining the crawlspace is the simple solution that can save homeowners as much as 25% on their energy bills -and keep everyone in the household healthy. The five crawl space maintenance tips below ensure your crawlspace is always in the best condition.

1- Create a Barrier

Create a water vapor barrier that seals the crawlspace from the outside, which is important to keep the crawlspace moisture-free and damage-free. This barrier prevents humidity and maintains a dry foundation, reduces odors, and helps maintain temperatures.

2- Install New Insulation

Damaged crawl space insulation affects the entire home. Once new water vapor barriers are installed, it’s time to replace the insulation in the home as well. A properly insulated crawl space promotes air circulation throughout the home.

3- Maintenance Services

Schedule professional crawl space maintenance service with a local HVAC professional. Once or twice per year, professional cleaning removes debris, dirt, and other particles that are built within the crawl space, potentially affecting the health and well-being of your family. Choose an experienced provider to ensure the best results.

4- Block Entrance Points

It is recommended that homeowners block entrance points after a crawl space cleaning. Blocking entry points prevents moisture build-up and stops pests from entering the home through the crawl space. Seal any areas of the crawlspace that potentially offer an entry point for pests. Even small cracks invite pests inside the house.

5- Time to Dehumidify

Although it is important to seal the crawlspace, you must also dehumidify the area since complete blockage is impossible. A dehumidifier prevents humidity build-up, in turn preventing moisture, mold, musty odors, and other similar problems. Purchase a dehumidifier from a local home improvement store or talk to your HVAC professional to learn more about a professional-grade dehumidifier.

Maintaining your crawl space is just as important as maintaining other areas of the home. It prevents damages and expenses while improving everyone’s health and well-being who lives in the home. Keep the five tips above in mind to keep the crawlspace in the best possible condition. Maintaining the crawlspace isn’t as difficult as most people assume. A well-maintained crawlspace keeps the energy costs down and the family happy.

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