5 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

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The holiday season is an underrated time to move. The priority is buying presents, spending time with family members, and eating a home-cooked (or restaurant) meal. However, it’s a busy time for movers. The buyers who do move must juggle moving stress with holiday stress. Five tips help movers remain focused and festive.

Secure a Moving Date
It’s a crowded time to move, so securing a moving date from an affordable, reliable, licensed, and insured moving company would ease the load. Grab an in-home quote or a quote over the phone. Ask for discounts or coupons. Make room for delays in holiday moving. Not securing a date now may mean ending up on a waitlist or moving much later than anticipated. The best times are before Christmas Eve and the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Watch Weather and Traffic Conditions
One such delay is weather. A set moving date doesn’t mean the weather will cooperate. A snowstorm, blizzard, ice/sleet, rain, or unexpected weather change can derail plans tremendously. Selecting a weather-friendly date will ease the burden, but continue to check until the moving day for weather changes.

Bad weather can bring bad traffic too. It’s already hectic during the holiday season as shoppers, traveling friends, and traveling relatives crowd the roads and airports. A weather change makes hectic traffic worse.

Pack at a Slow Pace
After securing a date, start packing. Pack one room at a time starting with unused rooms and items. Gravitate toward occupied areas and rooms with unused items. Last, pack necessities. Pace yourself as you pack one or two rooms a day. Buy boxes and packing items on discount during after Thanksgiving sales and throughout December. Continue to pack at a slow to medium pace until the day before moving. Hurried packing generates more stress in an already stressful time.

Maintain Festive Moods in the Home
Let seasonal packing occur at the end of the packing process. Pack the Christmas tree and decorations, but keep lights and wreaths hung until the day before moving. Send gifts, friends, and family to the new home. Spend the holidays eating at a restaurant, at someone’s home, or cater to your home with few invites.

Prioritize Seasonal Decorations in the New Home
The priorities in unpacking are making the bed, buying food, turning on heaters, and rearranging the furniture. Add seasonal items to the list. Get the home in a festive mood by hanging up wreaths, lights, decorations, and the Christmas tree. You can unpack everything else tomorrow and the days after. Label seasonal boxes separately so you know to unpack it soon.

Just because fewer people move during the holidays doesn’t mean moving companies take an extended vacation. The moving companies will move buyers throughout the holiday season. However, it’s important to maintain a level head as you navigate both the holiday season and moving for stress-free results.

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